An interesting little bug with the 4s.....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by itsjustmeee, Nov 21, 2011.

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    In contact list, there is a field to put the "Phonetic Last Name". My guess is that it's there so siri doesn't mangle a name when trying to pronounce it. The problem is that if you type in how a last name phonetically sounds and that just happens to have a different first letter than the name .... say a C instead of a K, it will move that contact accordingly. In other words, if you have a last name that starts with a K but sounds more like a C and you type that in the Phonetic Last Name field, it will move your contact location from K to C.
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    Nope. That feature was there before the 4S. It has nothing to do with Siri.

    It exists for people who deal with people in other countries whose names may be pronounced somewhat differently from how they're spelled when translated to your language.

    So it moves it to how YOU say it without actually changing the spelling of their name.

    That's why it exists, so it's working as intended. It's not a bug.
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    I have my contacts listed by first name first.

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