An open letter to the next mass shooter...

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    To the next troubled soul who doesn't fit in. Who has no friends. Who gets no respect. Who needs help but never gets it. Who is angry. Who feels alone. Who thinks that the best way to go out is in a blaze...

    Go for it. Write your goodbye letters. Pack up your guns. Put on the vest. Get in your car. Start driving.

    But instead of driving to the school, or the movie theater, or the mall. or your old job, to wreak havoc...

    Drive to the police station.

    Calmly park. Calmly enter the station. Calmly put your hands above your head. Calmly tell the first person you see "I need a little help."

    And get ready for your life to change.

    It might seem weird at first. They may not greet you with open arms. They might even tackle you.

    But just wait until the story hits the press.

    You will make the news. You will make friends. You will be loved. You will be rescued.

    You will become a hero, because you had the courage to stop yourself.

    The secret no one wants to talk about is that lots of people understand why mass shootings happen. Life can suck. People can suck. Parents. Teachers. Bosses. They can all suck. But people you have never met yet are actually interested in you! There are friends to be made. People who will listen! Girls to kiss!

    But if you kill a bunch of people, and then yourself, no one ever gets the chance to say "Hey, I know what you are going through. Let's go get a burger and a beer and talk about this ****!"

    Well, if you walk into a police station armed to the teeth and lay down your guns, and ask for some help, your entire life is going to change.

    You think you'll leave your mark by taking down a handful of random people? Imagine the mark you'll leave if you stop in your tracks and tell the world what you were JUST ABOUT TO DO, but didn't!

    Every news station will want to talk to you. Every person who knows how you feel, who might have even been there themselves, will want to shake your hand. You'll have a free lawyer.

    You'll get a book deal. Your name will become a household word. Movie stars and athletes will be calling you. People will LOVE you.

    All because of something you DIDN'T do.

    And the next person who might be thinking of going on a rampage will see YOU as a role model, instead of some misunderstood dead kid.

    You think no one cares about you? You think you can't make a difference? You think causing pain is the only answer? Think again.
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    Interesting idea but the one huge flaw in your logic is that thinking about committing a mass shooting isn't a crime. Other than being forced to undergo some sort of psychiatric evaluation, there really is no downside for the would be mass shooter. And as you correctly pointed out, your idea has so much upside to it that it would likely draw many more opportunistic characters, who really aren't mentally ill, just looking for publicity and a get rich quick scheme than it would any would be mass shooters. By the time the real would be mass shooter decides to try this, it probably wouldn't even make the news cycle.
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    Sadly for far too many decades mental illness has been a topic greatly misunderstood by the lay person through no fault of their own. A topic with a dark negative Stigma attached. Doctors and others who do understand it, have for the most part, either been unable or unwilling to strip away that Stigma so as to facilitate a genuine interest in dealing with what has become an epidemic.

    To severely exacerbate the problem, politicians have adopted this topic as part of their hot topic issues, that receive the kind of attention during election cycles that turn the topic into a potential deal maker or breaker when it comes to a candidate being elected.

    Once politicized all chances for a fair, reasonable and effective solution are dashed. The rest is history as they say. It's like belonging to a large association or club. Meetings are held, conflict insues, and the clock runs out. Very little gets accomplished.
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    To the next mass shooter, I hope someone near you has a CCW and blows your brains out before you can inflict any damage.

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    about as likely as the cops arresting them for a self confession. just a fantasy that will not work. though the guy with a ccw may end up shooting himself or someone accidentally. because the gun does not make them capable such actions.
  6. lostngone, Oct 3, 2015
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    This is already done, except it just isn't publicized(as much). It is commonly referred to as, suicide by cop or the other more common method used by police that is getting a little more press is shoot first and ask questions later.
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    Jan 28, 2009
    far more effective then confessing to a non existent crime.

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