Analogy: Macs/Wintels are like motorcycles...


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Apr 25, 2002
Evansville, IN
OK, any sportbike fans out there like myself? A few in the back? You car guys can relate too but I just hit on this as a good analogy:

Macs and Wintel boxes are like sportbikes.

1) Both have different classes
2) Both have a speed myth idealogy/myth to deal with
3) Both suffer instantly from bad-press
4) The real-world difference boil-down to preference.

I know this all may be a bit out-there but the analogy can be explained further.

Anyone who reads one of the top motorcycles magazines immeadiately recognize that nearly every year the "new" bike gets a nod over it's predecessors. The example that is very handy to this argument this year is the Yamaha R1 vs. the GSX-R 1000. Now. Like an Intel processor based machine, the GSX-R has a bit more power than the R1. However, Yamaha completely redesigned the entire bike this year with the focus being an overall improvment rather than just giving it more power. In other words, the R1's handling, brakes, chassis, and ergos combined together to make a more complete whole.

In this way, the R1 is like a Mac. A Mac G4's subsystem componetry is general much higher grade than a competing Intel machines (in some cases they are exactly the same component, but no one will argue that the OS integrates better in the Wintel world). The G4 is a better machine in this way for is primary role - professional design/graphics/video work.

So, just because Intel machines have a slightly faster processor (yes, Mac should be using DDR - I will give that to the Wintel crowd) it does not mean that the current G4 is a substandard machine.

Having said all that, I, like every other Mac proponent have been eager waiting for the new systems and expect to see them this summer - even if only in preview mode.

Prediction? Expect mulit G4, be surprised by G5. DDR or better RAM up to 4GB. Gigawire, Bluetooth, 50 MBps+ Airport, new chassis that some will love and others hate...


Jul 9, 2000
my old rev a ibook is a classic like a harley...nice to look at but safe enough to sit upright

the tibook is like a rocket bike, so fast that i have to crouch under the wind so i won't get knocked off going the speed of sound...when i boot up

hey, alphatech, i want your take one this thread

and you too, groovemaster

my analogy is from a biker wanna be;)


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Feb 8, 2002
got an old bike that's been customized to the point where it doesn't look anything like it originally did.

I liken one of the new bikes to the new fangled computer them kiddies are using at college, while my ol bike is more like an old classic. Needed lots of upgrades, memory, etc... but it still hums along.

The analogy is ok, however, comparing a yamaha to a honda or whatever is really comparing apples to apples. Another comparison that might be better is 4 wheeler vs. 3 wheeler or something like that, where both items do the similar things, but in different ways.

Maybe compare El Camino (PC) to Chevy Pickup (Mac) or whatever?


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
my take on this

I would still see pretty much all Mac's as made by HD.

The iBooks are like the Sportster line, good to start on, or for the person that doesn't need/want a lot of power.

The G4 towers are like they Dyna Glides, good power, comfortable to use, and can go for the long haul.

The TiBooks are like the Softail (standard :D ), great power, comes with a few options that you can change right away, and you can leave it at that.

Not really sure where the iMac's would fall, but could be somewhere in the Road King line. Good for some people, but not for many poeple. :D

Everything except the Sportster line have the 88ci V-twin engine (like the G3/G4 split at the moment). Some are hard mounted, some are rubber mounted, but they all have the same core/engine. They don't rev as high as the crotch rockets (wintel boxes), but they are more then capable of doing the job. Also, there are many older ones on the road, where there are not as many of the sportbike/crotch rockets on the road.

That is my take on the motorcycle and computers correlation. Opinions will vary according to users.


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Feb 8, 2002
So Macs are like our beloved HD's, and PCs are like the rice burning wanna-bes with their fake water cooled v-twin engines that make less noise than my mom's sewing machine.
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