Analyst warns Symbian at risk from competition

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Link: Analyst warns Symbian at risk from competition
    Description:: This has to be the comment of the decade
    "Apple also gets a lot of free marketing from its own users half of whom seem to be on a personal crusade to convince the rest of us to buy an iPhone. How long can it be before cult deprogramming specialists offer to kidnap your family members to free them from their Apple dependency?"

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    This is hardly news. Everyone knows what an iPhone is and most people have heard of Android (or at least "The Google Phone"), Windows Mobile, or Palm. No one but the most devoted phone geek knows what Symbian is. So why would people buy it?
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    I thought that childish quote above would surely come from the user comments section following the article, but noooooo: it came from a vice president at Gartner, Nick Jones!

    Plus, the guy is a moron if he thinks Symbian's problems are just down to marketing. Symbian was pretty cutting edge, seven or eight years ago. It's been branched, spun off, neglected, and patched over ad nauseum for years now, only attaining big marketshare because of Nokia's dominance in Europe and a total lack of decent competition. Now with three very serious competitors, its marketshare is quickly eroding.

    Clearly, Apple is not paying Gartner for any market research. With such a pathetic lack of true insight into the smartphone market, I wouldn't pay them a dime for their thoughts, either.
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    Feb 5, 2008
    Err... it isn't really in Europe and Asia. The market is increasing mainly due to the US where Nokia have no presence. In EMEA sales were down 10% YonY but up 30% in APAC. Generally EMEA is pretty level.

    Plus, of course, Symbian is being rewritten to use Direct UI and Qt under Symbian^2 ro Symbian^4. There's a pretty clear roadmap here.

    On the other hand they could actually be doing their research unlike, say, yourself?
  5. Evangelion macrumors 68040

    Jan 10, 2005
    um, Symbian is the smartphone-OS with the biggest market-share, so there's obviously few people in the world who are buying it...
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    Indeed. On top of that, there is extensive marketing for Symbian smartphones in Europe. When I was in Rome this summer, a good half of the advertising in the Metro tunnels was for either the N97 (as the hot new toy), or the older N-series devices as budget phones (both sets of ads for TIM). Nokia smartphones are EVERYWHERE over there. One thing worth noting is that most of the Nokia Symbian devices don't have a QWERTY or touchscreen interface--people tend to treat them as super-powerful normal phones, rather than as a huge paradigm shift from "dumbphone" to smartphone as you might see over here.

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