Animal Cruelty and Iraq Bombings

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by killerrobot, Nov 24, 2007.

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    Jun 7, 2007
    So just read this article today, and yes I realize its not the first time that bombs have gone off in a pet market in Iraq nor did this one cause the most deaths - (There was one Jan 26, 2007; another June 2, 2006 and probably others) - but it just struck me that this is taking bombings to a whole new disgusting level.
    I mean, I can kind of see (in a really demented, sick, perverted, mentally-ill, emotionally unstable and twisted way that I do not condone) people blowing up people to try to get their ways, but what did the animals ever do to them? Why blow up the monkeys, dogs, livestock, pigeons, and other animals as well? What's to gain from that?
    So, I know I'm all over the place here and perhaps sounding a bit tree huggerish, but its really messed up that on top of massacring innocent people, they also are blowing up little, helpless, caged animals. :(:(
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    Don't you worry, President Bush pardoned the turkey recently.
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    Who? Libby :D

    Oh....THAT turkey ;)
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    Well, we are talking about people who don't seem to take any life into consideration, so it doesn't surprise me that they'd care even less about animal life. You're trying to think rationally about people who, for whatever reason, do very irrational things. I doubt they're even thinking about the animals, as they certainly aren't thinking about the children or any of the other innocent people.
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    Jun 7, 2007
    Right, rationality has nothing to doing with it which is why I'm comparing animals' lives to humans lives'. (It's obvious the animals are far superior to us and are the greater threat ;))
    What I am trying to ask rationally is why at an animal market - not the fruit market or clothes market etc. Why even at the market? Why not blow up people at mosques during prayers sessions if they really want to kill innocent people? :eek:
    Maybe I'm trying to be too rational about it after all. I guess killing is killing, and animals are just as infidel as other non-extremist human beings.

    EDIT: I just reread everything and I must be more desensitized to violence than I previously thought.

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