Annoyance for European iTunes Users: Some App Prices Translate $0.99 —> €0.99

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by Habakuk, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Mind: The quote leads to a thread about the game PinWar (which is on sale) @ MacRumors' sister site

    Some devs decided to translate 0.99 US$ to 0.99 € because since some weeks they can set the Euro prices more freely. That's an annoyance on principle but I won't go to the barricades or start a new world war because of those ten Eurocents. But read on.

    Okay. The true difference is 24 Eurocents (or 32 Dollarcents) because $0.99 is €0.75 according to

    The fixed tier was $.99 —> €.79 for a long time, devs could't change that and everybody was happy. In 2012 Apple rose the tier to €.89—the first part of the annoyance but "somehow acceptable" (maybe even not). And now THAT! I am really privileged to pay 32.32 % more than US. :( That's NOT okay, Apple + devs! The interesting and strange fact is that some (or most?) of those "evil" devs are located in Europe. Listen, Algoriddim!

    Theoretically we (Europeans) could create an US iTunes account, buy some $ gift cards @ eBay and get the apps via the US account. But for me personally that is too much hassle because I would have to switch the accounts for each universal app update on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

    US residents should be even more happy because they can always get a $1.18 app (or $1.31 app if it's €.99) for $.99 if they view it through the "€ glasses". A permanent sale of all of the cheap apps so to speak…

    A nice Europe-wide (plus friends) iTunes boycott for one day would be an appropriate hint for Apple + devs I think. Or for one day each month or week until they change that discriminating behavior. Maybe I'll forward this posting to some important financial mags and mainstream media here in Europe.

    Let's start a black list:

    Prank Ltd.
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    Developers don't make this decision. When you release an app you set a price tier. The same tier is used globally. Apple decide how the tier translates between currencies. You can clearly see this here under "Setting Territory Rights, Pricing and Availability". So your black list is pointless.
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    If you don't like it, move to a better country.
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    Don't forget the prices on European iTunes Stores also include VAT.
  5. Habakuk, Aug 6, 2013
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    Interesting. Thanks for the link. BUT:

    There must be something like a new "Alternate Tier List" since June '13. Obviously devs can choose what list they'll use. Otherwise it wouldn't be possible that there are €0.89 AND €0.99 (since some weeks) apps in European iOS App Stores.

    The table of the new "Alternate Tier List" is from a German blog (see attachment). So devs CAN decide between €0.89 and €0.99 for a $0.99 app. (And the same belongs to the higher tiers.)

    Article on that topic in German Computer Mag "Heise/Mac & i":
    (Google translation: Slightly more price flexibility in the App Store.)

    Let me repeat: It's not because of the 24 Eurocents that we have to pay more in comparison with US, it's a matter of principle!

    I didn't forget that. But it was always like this and it didn't change in 2012 and it didn't change in 2013 so it can't be a true reason for the strange recent ongoings which I described in OP.

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    Just to add to this.. DOn't forget that software is classed as a 'transferrable asset' so it is prone to import and export duties.

    Also on top of that, have you noticed that Apple use a 'mid-point' fixed value for currency differences.

    Finally, not to also mention that the incomes and taxes are different for each country...
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    The ratio has pretty much always been the case....It applies across the board, not just Apps. It's pretty much a direct like for like charge.

    It's been really irritating me for years now, but I guess we are stuck with it.
  8. heyadrian macrumors member

    Aug 14, 2011
    Just be glad they don't use the norm when it comes to internationalisation, which usually entails inverting the currency exchange..

    Making $0.99 = (0.99 * 1.33) Euro... Due to income differences etc...

    Unfair yes? Uncommon no... This is normal for most cross-border companies. Others take it to the extreme and charge premiums.

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