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Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by bbud, Jan 29, 2015.

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    - None


    - I actually don’t mind the Yosemite flat UI design. Though somehow I’d be more excited with a new Visualiser graphic, even though I don’t even use it.
    - iTunes Match/iCloud is becoming more stable with less hangups for me.


    -iTunes search function is now a disaster. I look at my music in list view. With 10K+ songs, I arrange them by Artist (A-Z) or Date (added Newest to Oldest). When I type in an artist I want the huge list view whittled down as I type more in (this is a problem with Spotlight, too).

    Doing it this way is intuitive to how the brain works! Instead, I am shown 4 subheadings (Songs, Artists, Albums, iTunes store) on a sidebar which only show 3-4 items of each with a button to click (show XX more..). If I type in ‘Belle and Sebastian’ I want to see all the songs from my three albums I own in a list view only! Not in the Album-art centric view it is now (or else I would have just typed in the album name! or browsed for it!). It’s great for the showroom, poor for the actual user. At least they should give us an option? Or if they are so fixated on browsing through cover art way, they should add touch screens to Macs really soon.

    -Integration of iTunes Store somehow detracts me from making more purchases. I want to put what I own (My Music/Library) centre stage. The rest (playlists, radio, iTunes store) should be accessible, but out of view in comparison to my collection. This however is a minor gripe compared to the first con.

    - The genius playlist icon has disappeared. Found it by right-clicking.. Removes the nice spontaneity when I wanted to listen to similar songs.

    -Need FLAC/mkv support (one can dream?).
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    iTunes 12.1 (UPDATE!!!)

    So the evening after this thread.. Apple released a new update with a Mini-Player in Notification Centre (meh), and a line saying "improves performance when syncing when your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch".

    Well true to the old days where Apple surprises me, I can report that I had a USB of music (about 4 albums), loaded it on my iTunes.. Linked my iPhone, and to my surprise it has synced immediately! :)

    It used to have an iCloud icon upon each new song, where although I can play a song immediately on the Mac, it would take a couple days for me to wait for it to be uploaded to the servers, then allowed to be synced to my iOS devices.

    This has not occurred ever since I used iTunes Match from day 1 in Australia.
    One major gripe has been removed. It only took three or so years to fix it though!

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