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    Jan 26, 2004

    Are their any real journalists in the US, or are they all as cowardly as your armed forces? (flamebait and proud).
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    Feb 18, 2003
    While I generally agree with the articles assertions, so what?

    Put another way, what does the author (or you) expect? The US (and much of the West) is deeply entrenched in a system of thought that allows and/or promotes Imperialism by the State to by neccessity or desire to fuel the Capitalist juggernaught of which America sits at the helm.

    The corporate takeover of the media, and of our domestic politics is so pervasive and discreet that even if we as the people wanted to end it, we would be unable to, as the modes of doing so are precisely those owned. It hardly matters, since many people would be unable or unwilling to give up our current way of life of material plentitude or more importantly the underlying ideology of Capitalism, which has been made to seem synonomous with Democratic Ideals. It is simply too much to ask.

    So am I throwing my hands up in the air, and putting my head in the sand? Of course not, but I understand that things don't turn on a dime. Rome wasn't (re)built in a day. Even if someone like Kerry wanted to seriously change things, he wouldn't be able to, as there is a narrow-line that must be tread as an Elected (and impeachable) Official, so as not to disturb the voter or the money-centers. I am afraid this will have to be done slowly, and it will be have to done the way it has always been done, from the outside.

    The US has enjoyed nearly twenty years as the sole superpower in the world, and had been able to pursue it's Imperial intentions, along with all others, almost completely unimpeded. We are the military and Economic zenith. Still, the US's power is waning, and it will increasingly be limited in what it will seek to and can accomplish as power diversifies over more regions.

    In the coming years, China will become a major world power, perhaps even more powerful than the US ever was. The East Asian market, on of the world's most powerful, will likely be under it's control. Most of the rest of the Asian countries will either bandwagon with China under it's terms or choose to balance out China's power by aligning themselves with the US and/or Europe. In any case, there will be interests on all sides of keeping the market healthy, regardless of geopolitics, but it is likely that the US will not be the World Economic Leader in such a development, although it will still be strong in the West.

    Europe will also hopefully move ever closer to meaningful market and political integration and will subsequently serve as a Western counterbalance to US desires. It's strength as a market will also increase comparatively to the US's.

    There is much more to say, but the general thing is much like Spain, France and the UK were forced to give up their imperial desires because of lack of the means to do so, so will the US. The US economy will weaken, possibly with destabilizing effects. There may be a reassment of values under such circumstances, or a rage against the dying of the light. More and more US corporations may come under foreign ownership, and the ownership might be new faces. There is possibility there, as there is for a resurrgance in US Government control over them, for Nationalistic reasons or more enlightened ones.

    As for the underlying ideology of Capitalism, I cannot say, although it is a profoundly untenable situation in the long-run, so you can hope there will be a reassessment of things as the situation becomes more dire.

    It is clear, however, that the US will be perpertrating less and less of these ills as we have less money and power to do so. The onus will transfer to China most likely, or perhaps it will simply dissipate to a variety of less egregarious incidents. Such are the instruments of change.

    While Iraq may not be the end of such examples of US "bullying", it probably marks it. In the ME, China has as strong reasons of resource interest (if not stronger) as the US. The US may soon have to ask permission effectively to engage in such endeavors. Such humility will hopefully lead to reconciliation and cooperation with most of the rest of the World.

    In any event, it is a process, an ebb and flow. Empires, whether Political or Economic in nature, reach their peak then recede, or change all together. Modern Capitalism is less than fifty years old, and already you see some cracks at the seams. I have no doubt that things will correct themselves over enough time, with enough interest. It is just my sincere hope that this correction is not too bloody or chaotic.

    sorry so long, I tried to cut it down...

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