Another insight to why America is like this today.

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    A very insightful, fascinating radio program on Marketplace (best to listen to the program, not read).
    The economic events today happened years before Obama, in the Bush administration.
    Not George Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, his father, #41 (even the Reagan administration was involved)

    It takes decades for social and economic forces to change, and even the best cannot predict what can happen with certainty.

    In short, both Republican and Democratic parties at one time fully embraced trade and globalism wholeheartedly. The failure was to underestimate the impact and manage the changes.

    The key quote is this:
    It takes years, even decades, for economic and political forces to change (in this case accelerated by Great Recessions).
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    Jun 11, 2014
    I couldn't agree more.

    And that's what scares me ****less about the inevitable, destructive consequences of Quantitative Easing. That letter is in the mail. Just a question of which administration/population has the privelege of opening it.

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