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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Fender2112, Sep 6, 2003.

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    What is the best way to set up iTunes so that each user has access to the same music library. I moved the files from my home directory to the the hard drive level. When I choose this folder, while logged in under the kids' accout, iTunes started copying the files (1300 of them) to the user's home directory.

    I've also noticed this when insalling certain programs (games for the kids). I would like to install things at a "root" level so each person can access them instead of duplicating apps and files for each user. But the installers choose the home directory. If I install to any other directory the app does not recoginize this asks to install the software.

    Forgive my ignorance, but I'm still new to OS X. ;)
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    Jan 31, 2002
    Re: Another iTunes question ...

    You are forgiven ;)

    The iTunes problem is a small one:
    Place all music files in one folder outside of the home folders. Maybe, for example, "Macintosh HD/iTunes/iTunes Music".
    Now go to iTunes, and change its default preferences:
    In the menu, go to settings, or preferences, and choose the menu "Advanced".
    - Select the iTunes Music folder as you have placed it somewhere on your HD.
    - If you dont want NEW added songs to be automatically copied to that folder, uncheck the box on that page
    - If you dont want the files to be organized in subfolders automatically (example iTunes Music/Artist/Album/Title.m4a) in the specified folder, uncheck the other box, too.

    You have to repeat those steps for each user. When done, each user has the same playlist from the same music folder. If one user adds a song, it is copied/not copied (see above) to that folder. (But I guess the library of the other users wont notice that the song is there until dragged on it, so better let new songs NOT be copied to the music folder)

    The games problem: Usually, games are saved in the Applications folder, to which everyone should have access. Registration and user data (saved files and so on) are saved in the library of that users homefolder. It may happen that you have to install the app once with each user account. In general there is the rule: The main "library" folder is accessible and enables things for ALL users, the library in the homefolder is only for that peculiar user.

    I hope this was helpful and not too complicated :)

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