Another Switcher...


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Jan 31, 2002
One more Machead.

This kind of story is becoming a more frequent occurrance. Its good to see Apple starting to turn things around. Five to ten years ago we would have had as many stories about people leaving the platform. Oh how times have changed.



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Aug 14, 2001
This is becomming more the profile for the Mac "convert."

The user who was once an avid gamer or MGhz junkie now looking for something that still gets the job done, but something simplier - something with a better design. Looking for... dare I say?: a better experience.

Anyone who's got a relative over the age of 70 knows that one of the first things they'll ask about to assess the quality of your car is horse power. The more you have, the better the car...

As home computing moves into more evolved stages, a more evolved understanding of what makes a good PC will replace the old paradigm. The muscle car PC's will be left to the greasy few, who will continue to rev their engines just to hear them howl. While the rest of us (the productive masses) will move more and more towards models that meet our needs.