Another (unexpected) Take On Steve Jobs: This Time By the Japanese!

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    Yes, there he is with the audience in suspense at the big event, in this pic from a HUGELY popular animé.
    Then he wips out of his pocket the latest wearable tech...

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    From the tv animé & video game phenomenon "Youkai Watch" (known as "Yo-Kai Watch" in the U.S.),
    this is how they released news of the actual upcoming 2nd gen. Youkai "Watch" toy. (this only aired in Japan so far...)

    This gadget allows one to find & see the Yo-kai which to the Japanese are the physical embodiment of everyday problems that live everywhere in our world.
    Someone acting strange? Blame it on a Yo-Kai! Having constant trouble with something? A Yo-Kai must be causing it!
    -A new version of wearable tech makes yours obsolete? Blame it on "Steve Jaws"!

    Amidst the portrayals of Steve out there, be it movie or documentary, I just HAD to share this. (there was more to this clip parodying the way Apple unveils new releases)
    Now it's even Japanese animé. Who would've thought??

    "Youkai" go waaaay back in Japanese folk lore. (look them up)
    The show just began here in the states.
    -Now your kids will ask for the 3DS game arriving next Friday!
    Then the toys & cards...

    It begins.

    And in case you're wondering:
    No, there aren't any stylish, changeable bands. (heck, it doesn't even tell time!)

    'Nuff said.
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