Any Australians with iPad 4G and telstra pre paid?

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  1. Numptymac macrumors newbie

    Sep 20, 2005
    Out there who can confirm they can enable Personal Hotspot?

    Hi guys just purchased the new iPad and got a telstra pre paid sim, Thing is i can not find the slider in Settings>general>network which switches on the personal hotspot.

    I have tried.
    • Factory restore with and without sim ( no personal Hotspot icon)
    • Restore from back up on old iPad, Still no personal hotspot icon.
    • Called telstra tech support twice got two differing opinions.
      1. its an ipad thing, well put you through to Apple.
      2. Personal Hotspot is not supported in the new iPad. (not true)
    • Called Applecare, Ran through the whole restroe and restore thing again. Still no personal hotspot. They simply dont know and asked me to try a different sim. Which i will do next week.

    So tried most everything bar new sim as of now. Thought i would ask if anyone has the same set up and has the hotspot working on telstra 3G.

    Thanks in advance

    ipad 3rd gen 16G wifi and 4G or as it is 3G in Aus.
  2. ethanw macrumors newbie

    Mar 28, 2012
    telstra staff either lied to you or they don't know how to use an ipad(more likely)

    the personal hotspot function is disabled by the carriers in australia, it has nothing to do with apple. go to gizmodo australia, there is a thread tells you how to enable it. i did it, and the personal hotspot option appeared under apn setting, but when i tried to configure it, it said contact optus(im with optus)

    call telstra and let them transfer you to the technical department if the idiot doesnt know what that is about.

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