Any budgeting app to tell you when to pay bills - stay on budget?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by xray328, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I'm looking for an app that I can put my pay dates into, put my bills into, and have it tell me exactly when to pay those bills to keep us on budget while paying down cc debt. It seems like I'm paying too many bills on one check to where we have no money left, then a surplus on the other check, etc. I'd also like it to alert us when bills are due, or when to send them out.

    I know this can be done by hand, but is there an app that can automate it all for us?
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    Sounds like, direct-depositing your check into your bank, and electronic payments could help you with that.
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    I don't know how automated you can get. You still have to enter the data. I use iCal for many things that you mentioned. It reminds me a day or three before something is due if I'm paying electronically (which I enter as iPay in my checkbook). Other things are given a longer time period, such as when automatic payments are coming up, big ones, so I have iCal remind me to check the balance in my checkbook a week ahead of time so I have time to transfer funds if I need to.

    Not sure what this means...
    ....especially the second part.
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    If you want a good budgeting software package try YNAB (You need a budget) at There is a short (45 page) PDF there that explains the system and many video's on how to use it. The philosophy in maintaining a budget works great, and includes methods for paying down credit cards. The software has the ability to schedule payments but once you get things set up (with a buffer) you will never have to worry about "specific" dates to make a payment and when your next check comes in so you can pay them.

    I am in no way affiliated with the company, and in fact I just started using the system 4 months ago, but it has actually changed my entire personal financial picture. I strongly recommend it.

    Take advantage of what they have to offer - read the short book - it shows how simple things really are. You don't need to purchase their software to do this, but if you do I suggest that you spend the time and watch the video's so that you learn the right way to do things. They even offer free webinars on how to manage different parts of your budget. Take advantage of this free training, it really pays off. I know that saying all this makes it appear that the software is complex, but it really isn't. It's easy to use, but the small details are important and they teach you why. You learn right from the start how NOT to live from paycheck to paycheck, but how to build a buffer so that you live this month on what you earned last month, and save what you earn this month so that you know exactly what you have to budget for next month.

    You can download the software and try it out, they have a trial period. If you like it it costs $59.95. In my opinion, a wise investment - one that has paid for itself many times over already in the 4 short months I have used it.
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    Second the vote for YNAB

    I have been using for a year and it has enabled us to stay within our budget for the first time in a long time. It also has helped us realize where we spend our money and make some changes to prioritize our spending.

    In terms of the automatic payment of bills I have a couple suggestions. Most banks have free billpay and you can setup a bill to be paid on a certain date. That way as soon as you get the light bill or the credit card bill you can go in and schedule the payment.

    We bank with PNC and they have a new virtual wallet product, it is handy because it will project your balance through your next paycheck based on what it knows (all those billpays).

    If you want to track all your accounts online try yodlee instead of mint. Intuit bought mint a little while ago and I have total confidence in their ability to ruin Mint just as thoroughly as they have Quicken. (and I used Quicken for 10 years before YNAB)
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    Hello, resurrecting this thread.

    I am currently looking to start with YNAB, is there a way to obtain a discount? It is currently priced at $60.

    Anyone familiar with Chronicle?

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