iPod Any chance of seeing a 32gb nano?


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Sep 20, 2005
Hey everyone,
I'm currently using an iPod touch 2g, however will be switching from my regular cell phone to a Droid Eris smart phone, which will duplicate many of the features on my touch. At the moment, my touch is at capacity, and I've started to have to pick and choose what songs I put on it. So, for my next ipod, instead of spending the money on a 32gb touch, I'd rather grab a 32gb nano, is there any talk of such a thing coming? I haven't really kept up with the rest of the iPod series other than the touch and am wondering if there is a time of the year when they usually announce new nanos.

Thanks, Jesse


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Mar 11, 2009
Edinburgh, UK
There're new iPods announced every September. The nanos with the video camera and a max capacity of 16GB are this year's model.

So no, no 32GB nano until September next year at the earliest.
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