Any Cinema 4D 8 users out there?


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
I've just got Cinema 4D 8 and am very interested in trying to learn how to create some rather cool stuff with it! But I have no idea what I'm doing, I've done one tutorial included with the package and come up with this (see bellow). But it's not much, can anyone recommend some good online guides/tutorials?




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Dec 6, 2001
Walt Disney Animation Studios
I used to use Cinema4D XL 7 quite a bit, even made a 5 minute animation with it. (and my Tar, among other things--iboing anyone? ) I liked using it and it taught me the basics, but I use Maya almost exclusively now.

As far as how to learn.......Im the hands on type. Try stuff, break it, read the book, fix it. No special site or tutorial.

Some things I liked about Cinema 4D:

-Modeling is a snap (all polys though, no real Nurb manipulation)
-Hyper Nurbs, the best Sub-D out there IMHO
-Simplicity and easiness of the renderer, which is nice and clean (yet less powerful than others) Sure beats the Maya renderer! :rolleyes:
-Dynamics and Particles (they are just so damn easy!)

Some things I hate about Cinema4D (XL7)

-Character Setup (Maya whoops its ass)
-Keyframing and Animation UI (again, so much more user-friendly in Maya)
-Lighting (cant beat IPR in Maya)
-Overall UI and interface. (the 3 button mouse in Maya is indespensible)
-Graph editor (or whatever its called in C4D) Just not friendly or fast.
- No Nurbs surface editing/modeling! Hello???

I know C4D 8 is supposed to be much more advanced and 'Maya-like' but I havent touched it.

Anyway, I could go on for a while but I gotta get back to work :)


Jun 22, 2001
I'm testing the app. I will bore you with my AMAZING art. The first I used a tutorial for. The second, as you can judge from the patheticness was made only by your truly.



Jun 22, 2001
This one is not finished, just a preview. Hope to have a sunset at the end of the "road", and remove the center light and I will finish off the lights. I know it's sad, but i got the app today!

edit: attachment died.


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Jul 16, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
Have you tried out Wings 3D ? This program is one of the best in modeling (no rendering or animating) and it's free. It's Jaguar only so you need that. My friend models in this program and then exports it to a renderer or an animator.

I don't know squat about 3D, but even I can make things with this program. Easy and powerful.

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