Any Fitness Buffs with Moto 360 Sport?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by lordofthereef, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. lordofthereef, Mar 25, 2016
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    Apologies if this is in the wrong place... I didn;t see an "alternatives to watch os" thread like we have for iOS...

    Anyway, one of the things I would like to see in a smartwatch is standalone gps and some storage for music (it's only 4GB but I can throw a couple hundred songs on that and rotate as needed); I'd also need to get a blueooth headset. I am much less serious about biking, but tracking that would be a plus too. Once again, gps is a plus here.

    The moto 360 sport seems to have all of this alongside being a full fledged smartwatch. I realize it's not 100% "compatible" with iOS due to iOS limitations, but I also have a moto x for work but could pretty easily (though reluctantly) switch my work phone to iOS and personal phone to Android.

    I am most interested in battery life, how good the gps is, and, if you happen to use it with iOS, what specific limtations are (I believe it's basically receiving notifications that work but replyng does not?)

    Appreciate it. :)
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    GPS in a small device can be hassle...sometimes it takes a long time (MINUTES; like 5-10 min) before it latches onto the satellites...and because of such, is a battery hog.

    In your situation, it is probably easier to take your iPhone with you, which will provide more accurate GPS and more consistent connection.

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