iPad Pro Any iPad Pro 10.5 users tempted to update to the new Macbook Air over the iPad Pro 11?


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Sep 22, 2012
I was just wondering if anyone was interested in getting the new Macbook Air over the new iPad Pro 11?

I've had an iPad Pro 10.5 LTE for a year and a half now and it is a great device. I travel a lot and have used the LTE on my iPad, but I've updated to the new Verizon unlimited plan and can probably just create a mobile hotspot for the Air. With that in mind, I am more tempted by the Macbook Air right now than the iPad Pro 11. Here are my main reasons why:

1. The price of the iPad has gone up a bit too much. An iPad Pro 11, 256gb, LTE, the keyboard case, and Applecare comes out to roughly $1400...however it appears I can get a similarly spec'd out Macbook Air for around $1700 just without the LTE (16gb of RAM and 256 HD with Applecare).

2. They iPad Pro 11 Keyboard case is not backlit which for me was a disappointment. I eventually updated my iPad 10.5 to a Bluetooth backlit keyboard case which increased the weight a lot to the point where it is as heavy as a laptop.

3. Reviewers all love the new design, but almost unanimously say that they wish iOS 12 could do more. For example, plugging in an external hard drive or track-pad support.

Any thoughts?


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Jun 27, 2007
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No, I already have a MBP. The MBA is too slow.

I use my MBP all day for work, I use my iPad all evening at home and on the weekends. When I'm at home I like to curl up with my iPad and edit photos, draw, watch videos, read news, manage my finances, and do the online shopping. My MBP is too big and clunky in my lap. It's freezing cold at first, and then burning hot later. When my kids jump into my lap I can't keep using it. It's more prone to damage. I don't like using it in bed to watch movies with my wife. It has much worse battery life. I can't use it to play games with my kids. I'm considering getting a desktop Mac to use at home so that I have something high-powered and somewhat upgradable that I can sit down at in my studio space to be more productive. In my dream scenario, the iPad Pro would be both of those devices.


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May 6, 2008
The 11" is tempting for me, but as others have said, my 10.5" is more that adequate for my needs. Plus, I have a 12" MB as well. Even though I have played around with the 11" in person, the price still is more than enough to hold on to my 10.5".

Perhaps once Target/Best Buy have discounts on the new models (which I'm sure won't be until 2019).