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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by yukon8170, Sep 10, 2012.

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    What could possibly have caused Apple's (AAPL) iPhone 5 to fall fifteen months behind schedule? A slip-up in a recent Apple patent application might provide the answer - and the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

    I call US Patent Application 20120185797 to the stand. While the assignee of this patent is not listed, it should be obvious from the content that it is Apple (e.g. - the inventors work for Apple, there is an Apple copyright, several mentions of iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc).

    This is a pretty boring patent app with one exception: the mention of "phase change memory" or PCM, a next-generation memory that has the potential to displace flash and DRAM memory types with dramatic power-efficiency. Now, it is important to note that PCM is listed in many of Apple's other patents. But these mentions always been in conjunction with the other leading next-gen memory types (which is a typical patent strategy). In this particular application, it is listed exclusively alongside the traditional memory technology incumbents - RAM, ROM and flash.

    If the iPhone 5 uses PCM, then it will have breathtaking processing power with incredible energy efficiency - handheld panacea.

    PCM, however, has the non-volatile characteristics of flash memory and the effective speed of DRAM memory. So, once an application is loaded into PCM, it never needs to be loaded again - even after power has been removed from the underlying memory. The application will always be in the state that it was in when it was last executed. So instead of supplying continuous battery power to the Facebook application, for example, PCM allows the phone to simply power-up the underlying memory once or twice a minute so that it can check for new activity. PCM-enabled phones will sip battery instead of guzzle. This is applicable for the operating system as well. After PCM, "booting up" will be a story that we tell to the grandchildren.
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    No idea if that is true, or not, but if real makes sense for having less power consumption as LTE drains the battery faster.
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    i initially thought that this was wishful thinking because Apple doesn't usually get into brand new technologies. But I have a hunch that we will see this very soon from Apple, perhaps even on Wednesday. After all, Apple has pushed new technologies recently such as the high dpi screens and the loss of legacy tech like the optical drive
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    Say what? A phone with memory like a living being?
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    Well, I believe that battery life will be one of the biggest improvements on the iPhone 5. If they were able to fit an IGZO screen, a 28nm A6 + 28nm Qualcomm MDM9615 and this PCM memory then we should see some interesting things..

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