Any way to add videos to iPad without iTunes?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ClemTiger0408, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Other than purchasing from iTunes Store on iPad, of course.

    I just received an iPad and plan on taking it traveling for work, replacing my Macbook Air (which I've been taking in addition to my work laptop).

    Is there ANY way to get a video on my iPad (say, from my home network) that stores it for offline use? I envision being able to add a video to my iPad for use on the flight home (hence it cannot be streaming, I know of AirVideo).

    I don't think its possible, but I thought I'd take a shot.
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    First if you are just looking for a way to view videos on your iPad without streaming, you can in iTunes drag some videos from your computer, either iTunes library or other folders, to you iPad. In iTunes only some videos can be moved over depending on its resolution.

    If you want more flexibility, go on to the App Store and search under "video players". You should be able to find a number of video players that will play a wider range of videos. On my iPod Touch I'm currently using Good Player, but there are others some of which are free. Note since the iOs device might be having to convert the resolution on the fly, these do seem to drain the battery faster. How you get the video to the player is dependent on the app. Some have a wifi interface you can access through Safari. Most you can put the videos into the app through iTunes by selecting your iPad. Then selecting the App page, and finally selecting the player at the bottom of the page. You can then drag the files into the app. Note this is all assuming iTunes interface is the same for the iPad as the iPod Touch.
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    Dropbox - put the video in your Dropbox folder on your computer, then download to iPad with the Dropbox app

    Use Meteoric to download straight from a URL

    Jailbreak and use a camera connector + USB stick or sd card + iFile if you want to store them on something like that

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