Any Way to Make a Digital TV Box a Set Top Box With Eyetv?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by gusapple, Jan 28, 2009.

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    I have had an EyeTV 250 for a few years now and have upgraded to digital TV for obvious purposes. I got a set top box because it was much cheaper than a new EyeTV. However, there is no option to make the set top box an option? Any type of plugin. I am using version 2 of Eyetv software. Do I have to update to version 3?
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    No, the only digital stations you'll be able to use (with any EyeTV tuner) are Over the Air (antenna) or ClearQAM (broadcast channels, in digital, over the cable line).

    You can rig up the EyeTV box to the Set Top Box with an IR Blaster (the STB functions as the tuner and the EyeTV merely brings in the tuned signal). I've never done this, but imagine you can find some info if you search this forum.
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    This is the reason I still use analog cable.

    I love being able to schedule recordings. With a STB you can not do this unless you are some how able to program the box to change channels at certain times, then setup eyetv, which is just a huge hassle.

    What really needs to be done in the future is:

    A. Allow STB's to be easily hooked up to the computer

    B. Stop encrypting digital content and allow regular QAM tuners to pick up the channels.

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