iPhone Anygood for iOS - A gesture-based to-do app for consumables with curated collections


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Jun 28, 2020
Hey there👋🏼 We’ve recently published our v1.2 on the App Store. Thought it'd be nice to share it here and get some valuable feedback.

Anygood (anygood.app) is in its essence a gesture-based to-do app for you to quickly type down and keep track of all your consumable needs; hence why you'll be greeted with a list of predefined categories. (Read, Watch, Listen, Eat & Drink, Buy) My aim is not to replace the to-do/reminder app of your choice, but rather create a new cosy extra little spot; so that the things you want to get to next, don't get lost in the way in an already crowded/complex to-do you use daily. It’s a to-do lists for consumables, in a nutshell.

The app is by-design, kept simple and snappy so that it only takes a couple of seconds for you to start typing before you forget about that nice thing that you've heard. The app has embraced the modern hardware realities and the adapted interaction styles that come with it; which resulted in a gesture-based-no buttons user experience. There's definitely a little bit of a learning curve, but once you get it; all the gestures should feel quite snappy.

Last but not least; every category comes with its own curated colllections. We all have those moments where it gets a bit dry and we need a nice and handy little source to discover new names, titles, tunes and stuff. Anygood will humbly be trying to do that, and keep the lists frequently updated. Of course, you'll get to add whatever you see on the lists, quickly to your lists and even browse their website without leaving the app.

Anygood is purely an independent effort and it is very much a living and evolving idea. There's good room for improvement and I already plan to introduce more refinements and functionality whilst making sure the app stays as simple and as fast as today. Your feedback would help me a lot to figure out and prioritise what I should tackle and refine next.

We just published our v1.2 where we introduced a chunk of new functionality including the iOS Share Sheet integration where now it lets you add a new item pretty much from anywhere including Twitter.

I’d love to hear your feedbacks about the product when you guys have the time.

Download link ->
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