anyone else an insomniac?!


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Oct 5, 2001
San Diego, CA
It's only 11:57pm normal bedtime during the week.

I'm watching SNL right now (rerun w/ Ellen Degeneres and No Doubt) so that's my excuse. ;)

[edit: fixed the time at teabgs behest]


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
Does posting on macrumors at 3:05am make me an insomniac?

or does the fact that it's saturday night and I'm here after working on my computer animation all night just make me a tired geek?


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Feb 7, 2002
well, i could fall asleep now i'm sure.

but i'm dumb. so i stay up late, not being productive, and then end up having to stay up all night the night before things are due. and that's just dumb.


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Dec 29, 2001
If I had Photoshop 7......well
I would never sleep. I would live on cans of V and high caffine drinks
and maybe some super sugary food


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Sep 30, 2001
I'm bloody tired!

Its 12:15am over hear in California. I go back and forth between insomniac and going to sleep at 8pm. But I have an excuse today. I was rushing against a due date for my C programming class. I worked for 12 hours straight. Now I'm relaxing. Does anybody else here have a deep hatred for C?


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
Originally posted by holmesf
Does anybody else here have a deep hatred for C?
Hmmm, yes and no. I hate it because it means work, but as far promiscuous programming languages go, it's up there with the best of 'em...


As for sleep, well, I do my best work at night. I usually get to bed at about 2, get up at about 9. Uni rocks.


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May 28, 2001
Got a good remedy for insomniac.
Get some kids:
making them seems to be good for short term problems.
Having them solves your problems forever.

(I'm usually dead-tired by 12PM, and they get me out of bed at 7AM. I've been trying to explain them that in the weekends they should sleep longer, right? But they can't figure out the calender yet so ...)


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Mar 9, 2002
Sometimes..... I sleep lots........ sometimes I don't..........

Depends on what' going on in my life at a particular moment...... if I have alot of work to do, or I'm really firing on all cylinders...... and the creative juices are flowing, I can do a few days without any sleep..... the best work I find is done in these situations.....

Other times I like to go to bed early, and enjoy the fact that I'm away from everything and everyone....... well except my beloved sometimes......


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Apr 14, 2002
Sydney, Australia
usually, I try and bed early but even if I'm in bed super-early, I won't get to sleep until ages it really makes no difference when I go to bed...the only problem is this style of bedding means I have to wake up pretty late to compensate for late nights so schooldays when I have to wake at 6 is pretty demanding...
Hey mac15, I see you're from Sydney...are you a student as in school or like uni+?

I can't believe this...I'm bumming around on MacRumors because I can't sleep right now...this threads cursed!


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Original poster
Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
I like Geert's take on it....a cure for insomnia is children....I can only imagine...

I think I should have put that as an option in my last poll on single vs. married...

but what were u doing up that late (or early...depending upon how one looks at it?!)...he he he :p
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