Anyone elses LTE speeds slow compared to other devices?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Shockwave78, Sep 28, 2012.

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    So....instead of going through a whole history of what i do and why i will get right to the bottom line..

    I have had

    3 Galaxy Nexus Phones - All 3 would average 25-35mb down/15mb up
    3 Samsung Galaxy SIII's - All 3 would average the same as the Gnex did above

    2 Iphone 5 64gb - Highest I have seen is 20mb down ONCE, and average 5mb up. Average I am getting is 15/5 i would say. This is during the middle of the day or during the dead of night. I am in a VERY GOOD 4g LTE area ..The coverage is good i don't think it could get any better actually. So i have come to the conclusion that either Verizon is throttling down the iphone 5's speed because of the shear amount of devices that have been added onto its 4g network or the iphone 5 is not getting up speed due to its radio's?

    Anyone else have a similar experience? The first thought would be that the network was bogged down because of all the iphone 5's added probably over the last week. BUT..I can put my 4g sim card into my S3 right now and I will pull down 30mb, and put it right back in to the i5 and it will do half of that..

    Just figured i would put this out there to see what you guys/gals think..


    **oh and the reason i get so many phones is because i cant make up my mind and always seem to come back to the iphone :D**
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