Anyone ever have Airborne damage their package?

Discussion in 'Community' started by NuPowerbook, Jan 23, 2004.

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    Jan 17, 2004
    I just had my PowerBook in for AppleCare service, and I have had a hell of a week since. I sent my PowerBook in because my screen had a white spot, and the HDD was clicking.

    Fast forward to two days ago. Apple tells me the package is shipping out, and gives me an Airborne tracking number. Now, Apple ships express which means door to door by 12 noon the next day. So, I go online at around 11:00 AM to check the status. It reports it was scanned in at 8:38 AM in the morning. It did not have an out scan.

    Okay, so I waited until noon. Nothing. I call Airborne and they tell me that they cannot find my package. So I call back every two hours or so, and the same story. At about 9:30 PM (9 and a half hours over do) the manager of the Long Island Station calls me and tells me he found my package, and it will be coming to me. So 10:00 PM rolls around, and I get a call asking for directions. Now I don't know about you, but if I was a delivery person, and this was my route, I sure as hell would make sure to know the area. My house is not hard to find, nor is it in the middle of nowhere.

    So, I get my package. The second thing to set me off (first thing being my package missing for around 14 hours) is that the seal on the box that says "Do not break unless using tools" is broken, and all four corners of the box are crushed in. So I am like, okay. I open my box and I begin to inspect my PB. at first everything looks okay. No scratches in the metal, etc...

    I then look at the left side of my PB, and above the vent by the HDD, the metal is bulging out about a half of a millimeter (noticeable to the touch, and when light shines directly on it). Now that wasn't there before. Okay, so I start my PB up. I notice that on the left lower corner of my screen, it is flickering. The way I explained it to Apple is take an older LCD, and when you put pressure on it, ripples form, this is what it looks like. So now I go to put a CD in the SuperDrive, and I hear a horrible noise. It is like a grinding sound. So I eject the CD, and get the same noise. Now, the CD only half ejects what it used to. The SuperDrive used to eject up the the spindle hole, so I could pull the disk out that way. Now it only goes half that distance and I must grip the disk to pull it out.

    So now today, I have been on the phone all day with Apple and Airborne. I call Apple support, which put me in touch with a specialist. He said that because the aluminum was bulging that it must have been damaged in shipping. They say that I must contact Airborne and file and insurance claim. So I call Airborne and they tell me that an insurance agent will contact me to set up an appointment to assess the PowerBook. They ask for the amount I am requesting, and I gave them the full purchase price of my PowerBook. I explained that because this PB was damaged, my resale value would be hurt. When I explained it to them, and then to Apple, I likened it to a car. When a car gets into an accident, it's resale value immediately drops.

    I call Apple back, and tell them what they said. I told them that because this was shipping damage, and not damage done at Apple that I would request a replacement. I felt that I was justified in that request because I purchased a 3500 dollar computer, and it should not be going in for service within the first month, and because of the sipping damage. So the specialist who I was speaking to put me in touch with Customer Relations. The woman told me this. She said that they will arrange for my PB to be sent in for repair again, and Airborne will pay for the damage once it is assessed. She then said if I receive it back, and it isn't perfect that they will take the PB back, assess it, and if my claim is justified, replace it.

    To me, this seems fair, and unfair. I understand that Apple does not have to replace my PowerBook, but given the extreme circumstances (seal on box broken, package missing for 14 hours, damage to PB, etc...) that it would be justified. Also, she said to contact her on Monday about appeasement's. I am assuming she meant compensation for the time I was on hold (about 2 hours total), and all my frustration.

    When I spoke to Airborne before I contacted Apple, I told them that I intend to have the laptop replaced because of these circumstances.

    Now, when I send my PB in for the second repair (after Airborne has come to my house and assessed it), I know it will be shipped Airborne again. I know to have the parts replaced that I need it may go well over 1000 dollars. Can Airborne tell Apple to just replace it because when Apple assesses it, the price may go much higher? I really want to have use of my PB again. I didn't spend over $4000 (with all the accessories) to have it out of my hands for two weeks.

    I told the woman in customer relations that my family and I decided that we would prefer a replacement for many different reasons. Mainly being that now, this is no longer a new machine that was kept in pristine order; and as such will lose more value over time than it should. I explained that one of the selling factors of me getting an Apple was the fact that for the most part, they hold their value over time.

    Does anyone think I am being facetious in my request for a new PowerBook, or am I justified? Between Apple and Airborne, I have been on the phone for probably more than 7 hours trying to get the settled. I intend to send my PB back to Apple once Airborne comes and assesses it, but do you think I should push my request for a new one when I call the woman back, or take my chances with the second repair? One of the worst things for me right now is that being a student, this PowerBook is my main computer. I do all of my work on it, and need if to work well. I tried explaining that to her, and that even a few days without it means a lot, but I don't think it really registered.

    So, should I take my chances with the second, or see if she will allow me to get a replacement right away? One of the reasons I think they are cautious about giving me a replacement right away is because this is a Built to Order. This is also a factor in these odd circumstances. One of the reasons I think my case is solid though is because the box is obviously damaged. There are dents on all four corners, punctures on the bottom, and the seal was broken. I really don't think that there is much arguing that could be done by Airborne to say that they are not at fault.

    So, has anyone else had any problems with Airborne? Also, just curious because Apple couldn't give me a definitive answer on this, but, do they insure all the shipments for the full worth of the product? For instance, say my PowerBook was worth 3500 dollars, is it insured to that much? Thanks in advance, I just needed to steam because I have had a very bad few days. Also, share your horror stories if you have had any problems with Airborne.
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    Wow, I hope you get it all sorted out. Fortunately I've never run into a problem like this, I got my first iBook via Airborne and there was nothing wrong with it. But I understand how frustrating it is to be without your computer, after about 8 months I had the dreaded iBook logic board failure, and was without a computer for over a week :(
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    May 19, 2002
    So the UPS rep would be very happy if somebody took a baseball bat and brake fluid to every body panel on his car.

    As long as no glass or plastic lenses are broken...

    It's only "cosmetic damage" and perfectly fine with any UPS employee.
  4. Sun Baked macrumors G5

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    May 19, 2002
    Probably right about the UPS guys being unfazed by that question.

    Those UPS guys are probably driving Honda Civics, and with some of the stuff they do to those poor cars -- a baseball bat would probably improve their resale value. :eek:
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    Aug 22, 2003
    Airborne "misplaced" my iPod back in sept, when I first ordered it. First I called apple and they said they would contact airborne and send a new iPod if it was not found. I also called airborne everyday and finally they said that the package had been found and I would get it the next day. About 3 days later I finally got it, 8 days latter then expected :(

    So yeah, I dont like airborne that much anymore, but at least nothing was damaged and they admitted that they 'misplaced' the iPod...
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    Aug 7, 2003
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    I thoroughly distrust Airborne. I ordered a 19" NEC/Mitsubishi CRT from Dell as a base station for my Powerbook when I'm at the office... as usual, I checked the tracking number daily to check progress...

    On a Monday, I look, see that it was delivered to the local Airborne station (literally only a mile and a half from my house) that night.

    Tuesday afternoon, I look and see "delivery attempted." Weird, I didn't get a slip on the door saying that. Call the service number and it says they'll automatically try again the next day.

    Wednesday, check in the afternoon and see "2pm, out for delivery." OK. Check later that day and see "6am, delivered." Now I KNOW it's not at my house.

    Call the service line and hear "Oh... I don't think the driver knew how to use the scanner, I'm seeing that it's delivered too, but it's actually at the station."

    C'mon Airborne, you're a shipping company. How hard is it to use a map and find my house?

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