Anyone switch their iPhones from AT&T or VERIZON to SPRINT'S 1 Year Free Unlimited Plan?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by amitdoc2b, Sep 23, 2017.

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    Sprint is offering this free 1 year unlimited plan (up to Sept 30, 2018) if you switch from another carrier:

    My family is looking to switch an iPhone 6, iPhone SE, and a third phone. We have a few of questions:

    1) Can anyone share if this offer is legit and their experience upon switching to Sprint's Free 1-Year Plan?

    2) Two of our Three phones from AT&T are eligible, we would need to buy a 3rd eligible phone to "bring" with us as requested in this Sprint offer. We were thinking of buying a 3rd eligible phone on eBay. How would we "bring" this third phone when on the eligibility page it requests us to provide an IMEI and phone number (considering that the phone number would not be connected our AT&T to this newly bought 3rd phone because it would not be SIM activated if we just bought it on eBay solely for Sprint)?

    3) If we just added 2 lines for now, how easy or hard is it to add a 3rd line later to the free 1-year Sprint plan? It says nobody in-store and many represenatives are not aware of this plan for some reason, so we do not want to have issues and want to somehow create this plan before the offer expires. Hopefully it is as easy as pressing a button on the Sprint account when logged in, but can anyone confirm they did this for the free 1-year Spring plan?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Feb 25, 2008
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    I did this. It is a legit offer. Sprint service is, in my experience, not up to par with AT&T. That said, it does work and is worth a try for a free year of service. To answer your other two questions, yes, you need to bring a phone and port a number in to get the deal for each line. You can go the eBay route, or buy a new unlocked phone that works on Sprint, like a Moto G4 Play. I brought an iPhone 7 over from Verizon, and purchased a G4 Play for the second line. Don't buy a Sprint specific phone. You can indeed add lines later as long as you meet the same criteria of bringing an eligible phone and porting a number. The promotion is rumored to end September 30, though, so I wouldn't wait if that is what you intend to do.

    One way to get the promotion is to go to Best Buy, purchase a Boost Mobile BYOD SIM kit, then call the Sprint promotion number and get them to set up your account and activate the phone. The Boost SIM kit will have three different SIM card versions in it, one will work with the iPhone and one the G4 Play. Alternatively, you can sign up online from Sprint and they will send you the SIM kit and then you activate online once the kit arrives. Hope this helps.
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    I would never/could never switch to Sprint. Their service is nearly nonexistent here, and I’ve read almost nothing but horror stories on their customer service here on MRF. I personally wouldn’t touch them with a 10-ft. pole.
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    Thank you for your response. My mom had to call them because they could not confirm her credit online (she has great credit). When on the phone, they said she can pick up the SIM cards from the Sprint store in person. She went to the Sprint Store and an employee there said she can get the Buy 1 Get 1 Free iPhone offer with this plan. I know you mentioned you can buy a phone outright with Sprint for this plan, but are promotions like this valid? Or will it mess up the plan? I know it said in the fine print online that you cannot upgrade till after 12/1/17 so this is all confusing. I thought the in-store people would not be able to help with this plan. Any help would be appreciated?

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    Sprint was my first cellphone company. I was with them for about 10 years. Terrible. Never again. They could give me free service and I wouldn’t do it!
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    I'm on this plan and am enjoying the free year of service without any issues so far. Coverage in SoCal is pretty good for all 4-carriers. Once this promotion ends though and Sprint wants me to start paying the regular $60/mo I'll switch over to a cheaper prepaid plan (i.e. GoPhones $40/mo plan).

    OP for answers to your questions on this deal I'd go peruse the slickdeals thread on it as everything's been covered there already.

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