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Sep 12, 2011
I’ve been using using Quicken for a long time, first on Windows, then in a WM on MacOS and currently native on MacOS.

My issue is that Quicken is US (plus Canada?) only and I am going to need support for European financial institutions as well.

I download from banks, credit card companies, brokers and 401K accounts, and use the app to track spending and report on net worth.

I’d prefer an app that has MacOS and iPadOS versions that keep in sync.

Has anyone moved from Quicken to MoneyWiz? It seems to have a similar functionality to Quicken but supports non-US institutions.


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Jun 23, 2015
Cambridgeshire, UK
I've not used Quicken I'm afraid, but I've used MoneyWiz in the UK for about the last 10 years (moving from Microsoft Money). It works fine on iOS (iPhone and iPad), and I have used it, but not much on MacOS. Their customer support is good, and they seem to be a company who isn't going away, so I'd vote for giving them a try.
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