Anyone using a Portable Monitor for their air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by guppy1000, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I have never used a USB monitor like that one. But I have a cheap 15" 1366x768 monitor with an HDMI interface that I have taken with me at times for video editing. Got it at Best Buy a number of years ago, don't think they carry them anymore. Works just like any external screen. It's not very good quality, but provides a second screen for the canvas in Final Cut Pro.
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    Nov 20, 2014
    I recommend GeChic 1303H as a portable monitor

    I've used GeChic 1303H for my mac air; I didn't get mine from Amazon though, I purchased directly from their website: I've only used it for a week with my Macbook Pro so I can't comment too much as of yet. It comes with an HDMI cable so you can hook it up to your mac mini as well.

    I've listed some of the highlights of the monitor below:
    - Great picture quality/resolution; I've only tried web browsing with the mac air and PS4 games so far but the monitor displays an an awesome 1080p picture with a clean refresh rate. Great colour range as well. You can make the picture very vibrant if needed.
    - Easy to set up and use; can theoretically plug any device with visual output into this thing if you have the right adaptors/cables.
    - Thin and light; this monitor is as thin as an iPhone 4
    - Useful case/stand
    - Simple menu navigation for settings
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    I have the Asus MB168B+ (full HD) and have used it with MacBook Airs from 2012–2014. Works well. The auto-illuminate and auto-rotate features only works on Windows with the Asus EzLink software though.
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    I bought duet and used it for a moment using iPad 2 connected to macbook 5,2 (white, pre unibody).

    Does the app work better with a newer iPad or newer mac?
    I set it to 60 frames and high mode.

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