AP: UN: Yemeni officials indicate over 140+ killed/525+ injured in airstrike targeting funeral


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Nov 3, 2013
Presidenterrorist Warbama’s endless war crimes and crimes against humanity administration’s ‘already reduced support’ only is: Arming the Saudis with virtually every bomb and missile used to massacre these and thousands more Yemenis, midair refueling of Saudi jets with U.S. Air Force tankers, and providing specific targeting for the Saudis from joint U.S.-Saudi war room in Riyadh to hit this funeral. Imprison Warbama in ADX Florence for life. Possibly the worst president of all-time.

UN: Yemeni officials indicate over 140 killed in airstrike


SANAA, Yemen (AP) — An airstrike on Saturday hit a funeral hall packed with thousands of mourners in Yemen's capital, Sanaa, and local health officials indicate that over 140 people were killed and more than 525 wounded, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Yemen said.

The incident has prompted the U.S. to initiate an immediate review of its already reduced support for the Saudi-led coalition, White House national security council spokesperson Ned Price said.​
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