App That Can Stream my Movie's From Anywhere In The World From my Mac Pro ?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Inframan, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

    I own a Mac Pro Tower Which is my central nerve system of all things. On this computer I have my entire Movie Library in iTune's ( Over 500 Movies )

    I also Own a Macbook Pro, A MacBook Air and Ipad's and Iphone's.

    I travel a lot and my Macbook Pro only has a 756 SSD and most of that is used for my work files so I cant fit my Movies on there, same goes for my Macbook Air.

    I want to be able to Stream my Movie Library From Itunes From Anywhere in the world Directly from my Mac Pro Tower to My Macbook Pro - MacBook Air - Ipad Wifi - or Iphone.

    The Reason I want to be able to stream to my Macbook Pro is because most of the Hotels I stay in have Tv's with HDMI input and I can directly hook my Macbook Pro up to the Tv and watch Movies.

    Now, Some of you might say just buy an External Hard drive and take it with you, Yes - Very true but I also want to give my family members the option to stream my movies also from anywhere from my Mac Pro Tower

    App's I found but just don't add up...

    Air Video = Reviews are not that great and the last update was 6 months ago, leaves me concerned, not because of price but more so reliability, this app also doesn't give me the option to stream to my Macbook Pro.

    Same goes for Stream-to-me and Air Playit.

    Any suggestion would be great !

    Thanks - Jon

    P.S. On a Side Note - I have remote access check in my Energy Saver App and my Apple TV Still does not remotely wake up my Mac Pro Tower, I need to Manually wake it up to gain access to my Home Sharing - Anyone Else having these issues or am I missing something here? Thanks Again.
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    The best solution for having a streaming media server is by far Plex. It an integrate with iTunes and can stream to any macbook computer along with any iOS device.

    Take a look:
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    I am using StreamToMe on my MacBook Pro and iPhone and ServeToMe on my Mac Mini. It works great! Sometimes the upload speed of my Internet connection is too slow for HD Movies. It does not play copy protected material like movies from the iTunes Store, obviously.
    You can enter your IP directly in the app and when you forward port 9 to your Mac Pro it should wake on LAN it, when you try to connect.
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    You could try Share Tool by Yazsoft. It's a SSH tool that would allow you to access your desktop from anywhere, just as if you were on a local network. So it would have iTunes or whatever show up in bonjour just as if you were home sharing. Not a streamer per se, but a way to access those files.

    And you could also retrieve files, share the screen and do lots of other stuff from remote locations, and all the traffic is secure, sorta like a VPN.

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