Appdeleted most Apps. on my imac. Need help to restore my entire HD from Lacie backup

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by imac2010, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Sep 4, 2010
    Hi, I just joined this forum because I usually try to figure things out on my own, but not sure what to do about this one. I used Appdelete to sort through redundant files (as I have before with success) yesterday and accidently deleted multiple programs. Some of which I'm not sure were there, or what they are, but apps aren't running like they used to. Now everything is grouped together in files labeled as Appdelete, then whatever the program is, and they don't work. I last backed up on Lacie ext. drive on 8/28/10, and have copied the backup folder to my desktop, but now seem to have multiple files from the original HD and the backup. I don't even know the process to recover info from backup, or how to completely erase my current HD thats missing some files, and replace it with my backup. My whole dock disappeared, as those programs were Appdeleted. I can run programs from the backup that I copied from the ext. drive, but not from my original HD. Not all apps were deleted, but Textedit, Timemachine, all my Office programs, and other menial apps that came with Snowleopard. I just want my old computer back, and can't seem to find a good link to using my ext. hard drive. Any help is greatly appreciated. I don't think I had Timemachine turned on.
    There's an icon at the upper left of the screen that I would left click, then select "backup now". I think that's Timemachine. I'm also not sure how to boot from my snowleopard disk. Tried shutting down then restarting with the disc in. Messed around in Disc Utility a little. Can't figure it out though.
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    I can't help with the Time Machine backup as I don't have Snow Leopard or any familiarity with it, but you can boot from your restore disc by putting in the disc, restarting the iMac and holding down the "C" key while it is booting, this causes it to boot from the restore disc. Keep holding down the "C" key until you're sure it's booting from the optical drive, you should hear noise from the optical drive as the iMac is accessing it and it will take quite a bit longer than a normal startup from the internal hard drive does.

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    Glad to see that you got the topic moved. Sorry to see that you haven't gotten any other responses yet.

    Take a look at the below Apple doc, specifically the section Restoring your entire system from a backup:

    :apple: Mac 101: Time Machine

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