Apple’s design problems aren’t skeuomorphic (article)

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by eat me, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Talking about the immense challenge of a 500 million device ecosystem is a bit hyperbolic - we're still only talking about two OS' not matter how many users. The rest of the article is insightful though.
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    I've got to agree.

    Apple needs to slow down on the core stuff and fix the damn wrapper. Too many inconsistencies crop up everywhere. The contextual menus in Safari rapidly become cluttered.

    I'm not sure I'm all that bothered by GPS/Wifi/BT not being clustered because I really don't think Apple's goal is for you micromanage your Baseband/Broadband stuff. The OS handles this better than we can IMO.

    It appears that data interchange in iOS could be coming with XPC for iOS

    Badges are a problem in iOS. I have to dig around in an app and find out where each app is trying to tell me something. A global disabling of badges would nice or at the least a reset for those of us that don't care that much

    Apple needs to find a solid way of delivering simplicity with the ability for more confident users to delve a bit deeper into "Advanced Settings" and set default apps, location based profiles and more.

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