Apple’s fall from grace

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Michaelgtrusa, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Quite frankly, I think the only thing they did wrong was in not calling it an iPhone 5. Apple might be getting bad press now but it will all change when the lines form.
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    Talk about sensationalism. Apple is not going anywhere. You just don't have to be a bored tech journalist with inflated expectations to know that.
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    The "Day After" ...

    Today marks another milestone in the history of Apple.

    It's the "Day After"

    The day after the keynote which was as featureless as any to date.

    The day after, the press and enthusiasts heard far less than they had hoped to hear, from the company they have personally driven to success beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

    The day after the new and very brilliant CEO, Mr. Tim Cook, was saddled with less to report than any keynote in recent history.

    It's as though he was setup for failure by Steve Jobs, who's ego could not possibly handle reading rave reviews after an ultra successful Keynote Mr Cook is capable of presenting, if he would have had the goods.

    The stage was set, the press and public fully expecting iPhone 5 to be announced, what better way to flip off the public for one last time, than for Steve to deny Tim Cook the ability to announce iPhone 5.

    For years I had a _very high level of respect_ for Steve Jobs and the brilliant visionary he once was. Having been an avid Apple customer since day one, I have followed this company with a laser like focus and great enthusiasm.

    During the dark days before the near collapse I remained a staunch supporter.

    Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were an unstoppable combination even if they were not always on the same page, or doing the next right thing as these two young men learned their craft.

    Fast forward to approx 5 years ago when Mr. Jobs let the success go to his head, swelling it so large he could barely fit through a doorway. Suddenly addicted to the intoxication of power, influence and obscene wealth it changed him forever.

    While he went on to lead Apple to great financial success, there was a lot lost in the process. He sacrificed his soul, in order to gain further adoration, attention, status, power and influence. Steve Jobs Inc. was on a roll.

    I knew from the first moment Cook entered the stage and proclaimed his love for Apple, that things weren't right. You could hear it in his tone, see it in his eyes, and feel it in the room.

    You simply had to be there.

    Steve Jobs singularly gutted the new CEO yesterday, and today, the "Day After" I am very sad that Tim Cooks' public premier was all but destroyed by one very greedy old man.
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    Unfortunately for the doubters, haters, and sensationalists, there's such a thing as a quarterly earnings report.

    They will be disappointed. Again.

    Claim chowder is a popular dish, no foolin.
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    What about the news that Apple now has a 23% market share of all computers? I think that was overlooked in all the noise about the new iPhone.:apple:
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    That is not what they said at all.

    Cook had 2 slides that had 23% on them. One was year-over-year growth (23%) vs. PCs (4%). The other was Apple's market share for August in the US (23%).

    Pretty far cry from a 23% market share of all computers.

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    First things first it was marketing.
    First think you do in marketing is learn how to lie with numbers.
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    Unless we include the iPad. ;)

    Which is happening more often in share reports.
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    Please explain how those statistics are lying? Your hatred is showing, as usual.
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    Or, you know, the iPhone 5 just wasn't ready yet.

    Honestly, these kinds of posts are insane. Expecting a completely redesigned device every 12-18 months is insane. Does Apple completely redesign the MacBook Pro that often? Does BMW redesign the 3-Series that often? Of course not. It's a ridiculous expectation.
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    23% share of computers sold through retail stores, he said so. That excludes every business sale and all online sales (such as,,,,, and into near infinity)
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    Jun 7, 2011

    I bet you sir feel like a douche right now. How about Steve Jobs health was deteriorating and he could no longer manage every aspect of production and design of the new iPhone. People like you disgust me bashing 24/7 about products that many companies merely intimidate daily. I'll end this by quoting Jobs "What have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations?"
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    Record sales of the 4S and record profits for Apple will prove the experts wrong again.

    Only tech dweebs care about what was omitted from the 4S. The rest of the world will purchase them by the millions.
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    I don't think anyone here or the articles were suggesting that Apple would go bankrupt over this. :rolleyes:
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    ...or maybe Tim and the other executives knew that Steve's condition was grave and worsening even as they took the stage. And even though they would never have his skill at presenting a new product to the slavering masses, they had to do their best anyway.
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    They're not lying, they're obsfucating the truth. Remember he said "consumer US market share". That doesn't include the whole professional sector that buys bulk from Dell or HP or Lenovo, etc.. which is a lot of PC sales.

    It's not hatred to question Apple's keynote numbers. They are always padded and the truth is always bent to show a very different reality that what research firms conclude. But that's par for the course for Apple.
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    The 4S fiasco is the beginning of a long end for Apple. Oct 4th will be remembered as the day it all changed. Now a wave of Windows Phone devices are coming to kill the iPhone. Intel Ultrabooks are coming to kill the MBA. Windows 8 tablets are coming to kill the iPad. Enjoy a few more dominant quarters Apple, because your days as #1 as VERY numbered.
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    Sorry, but BRG is full of crap! They can't barely get anything right now! Same as Gizmodo.
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    If you know much about stats for marketing you learn you can easy inflate the number and make it look like something it is not. Knight explain it really well.
    They relay in the fact that people miss what it really was and assume it incorrectly which you did. Apple this time left out the professional market and online sales because doing so really inflated their numbers.
    Your response I could say you blind apple following is showing.
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    Anyone who was disappointed that they didn't announce an iPhone 5 and 4-plus on Tuesday had their head in the clouds. I could have told you it would never happen. Fall from grace? Kinda funny. Has Apple lost it's edge. No way.

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