Apple’s Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by atlanticza, Jun 24, 2012.

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    From the New York Times: While consumers tend to think of Apple's headquarters as the company's heart and soul, a majority of its workers in the United States are hourly wage earners selling iPhones and MacBooks.

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    If people didn't already know, the NYT is having some sort of feud with Apple, most likely stemming from the NYT's (poor) "coverage" of the working conditions in China deal.

    Apple retaliated with screwing around with embargo dates for Pogue, leaving the NYT flat-footed on the Lion review.

    NYT has come back with a few "big stories," "exposing" other things about Apple, usually not convincingly.

    This article is another one of those hit stories. Interesting - go read the Slashdot comments about this "story" - this notoriously anti-Apple crowd rips apart the article handily.
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    Wait, these guys are getting over 10$ an hour working retail ? Short on pay wha... ? :eek:

    This is basically a small time retail job, it's not a career. It's like working at McDonald's or the floor at Sears or something. That's some pretty nice coin for retail work.
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    Just lame, sensationalistic fluff which is very disappointing because I usually think NYT puts out good articles. Their articles on outsourcing and working conditions at Foxconn were very good because they weren't strictly about Apple. Yes, Apple was used as the case study but the articles themselves were about bigger issues. This piece just pointlessly rags on Apple and never touches on any bigger issues.

    I'm glad we got such great insights like retail workers get burned out (news flash there), there's little/no upward mobility into corporate careers from the retail floor (another revaluation) and that many (most?) people working at an Apple store near you are delusional enough to believe they are doing more than working at the mall selling computers and phones.

    Not to mention the laughable comparison to Walmart. Walmart got raked over the coals for things like undercutting local businesses (which made local consumers and local workers more dependent on Walmart), underpaying employees, coercing employees into working unpaid overtime and purposefully scheduling employees w/insufficient hours to quality for health insurance.

    Is Apple doing any of this? Doesn't sound like it. It just sounds like working at Apple retail is, well, a typical retail job.

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    They should feel lucky to be making $10/hour doing such an easy job as peddling Apple gear to people rushing in to buy it. They literally don't have to "hard sell" anything, just take the orders!
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    indeed. my first job was at Banana Republic for $8/hr. work retail or waitering/waitressing for a semester and you start realizing the difference between a job and a career.


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