iPhone 8(+) Apple’s A11 Bionic Processors

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Well-known, Apple announced their new generation iPhones , the normal looking iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the striking iPhone X. They have new hardware aboard and one of the changes we come to expect is the new processors that are shipped with the new iPhones. But is the Apple A11 bionics processor as good as it advertises? You can look at the introduction in this article: http://www.techweez.com/2017/09/13/apple-a11-bionic-processor-should-worry-intel/
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    What sort of feedback are you looking for? Based on what sort of criteria?
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    Mar 27, 2017
    It's got a fancy name. It performs well on Geekbench.

    In GPU benchmarks however, it overheats and throttles, although the iPhone X design is probably to blame. In many GPU benchmarks, it also gets outperformed by Snapdragon 845.
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    Apple doesn’t really ‘advertise’ the A11 Processor other than whats on their website. But other purposes the A11 processor is responsible for is with the Face ID machine learning process, augmented reality capabilities and Animoji with the neutral engine. Its also highly more efficient, resulting in longevity with the battery life.
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    It's the best performing mobile chip on the planet, more or less.
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    A non-technical comparison has been posted stating the iPhone with the A11 chip is more powerful than the current Macs. Lends to the rumor that in the Apple will be booting Intel for the Axx ARM processors.

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