Apple 87w Charger alternative?


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Mar 15, 2011
Whitefish Bay, WI
Any alternatives for the new 15" MacBook Pro 87w charger? Wondering if I could get a less expensive, 3rd party option on Amazon instead of paying almost $100 at Apple for an additional charger + cable.


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Jan 8, 2012
Why not get a real apple charger for $60 on eBay?
As long as you can you are completely sure its not a knock off that is also a good option. Basically I'd rather buy 3rd party product that claims to be 3rd party vs a 3rd party product that spent all their R&D trying to be a successful knock off. I got burned on eBay once however Amazon can be just as bad....

On eBay just make sure the power cable is included, many do not and that mistake will run the price up.

This looks legit...


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Jul 8, 2010
Most of you might not like this... but when I get my new MBP sometime down the road I will consider this:

Based on their price and on the option to charge other USB devices. Especially if you travel, carrying multiple chargers is a pain... at least for me.

Now before anyone says anything... YES these chargers top out at 60W... NOT at 87W. I'd still consider them though.
The MBP has a MAXIMUM power draw of 87W... typically it'll pull a LOT less.
I'm already doing something similar for a number of years now without any issues. I have a 17" MBP with 85W charger... but oftentimes charge it/use it connected to one of the multiple 60W chargers I have lying around. From my experience you can expect the following:

a) Computer at 100% battery - normal use: Battery will stay at 100%
b) Computer at less than 100%... say 50% - normal use: Battery will charge VERY slowly or stay at the current level
c) Battery level irrelevant - 3D Gaming or similar: Battery will slowly discharge as the MBP pulls the maximum amount of energy. For me about 5-10%/hour. In fact this can even happen with the official 85W charger... as the 17" MBP uses a maximum of ~90W peak.
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