Apple a FusionOne licensee for iSync

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by medea, Feb 20, 2003.

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    February 20, 2003 - Think Secret has confirmed that corporate synchronization provider FusionOne is an Apple technology partner for iSync.

    FusionOne recently rolled out a new consumer product called MightyPhone, a wireless synch service for cell phones. MightyPhone's service FAQ contained the following blurb under a question about Mac support: "FusionOne is the technology partner to Apple in developing the iSync product available with Mac OS 10.2 platform. We are working together in delivering similar over-the-air synchronization services to Mac users. You will hear such announcements directly from Apple soon."

    The Web site was soon changed to say only that Apple offers iSync for Mac OS X v10.2 for delivering over-the-air synchronization, and that customers could contact Apple about "services similar to MightyPhone" directly.

    In an email to Think Secret, a FusionOne spokeswoman confirmed that Apple worked with FusionOne to bring out iSync. "FusionOne has licensed its technology to Apple for the development of iSync," she said.

    However, the spokeswoman said she didn't believe that the original blurb was ever on the site -- though a cached version can be found here -- and wouldn't comment about any future collaborations that the company may have with Apple.

    As a side note, David Multer, FusionOne's co-founder and CTO, held a senior development position at Apple prior to his work with the synch provider. Also, President and COO Jim Obot worked for Apple for 14 years in distribution and sales.
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    Sounds very interesting, and a lot similar to how Apple reacts to future products. Although this kind of syncronization would be extremely hard for Apple to implement and support because of the hundreds of different style phones. I do like the concept though, since bluetooth phones are still way out of my league in pricing.

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