Apple advertising Techniques


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Feb 24, 2002
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I was watching some of the advertising ads for like iPod and iMac on Apple's website and I have noticed that the Phil Schiller guy says the ever descriptive word "cool" way to much when describing all of Apple's stuff. "The iPod is this cool little device". etc... Does this seem kinda weird to anyone else?, I think it is kinda odd that Apple, being one of the most revolutionary and amazingly sophisticated companies out there will let there director of marketing use the word "cool" as many times as he does? Does anyone know if this is a new marketing technique in this buisness, I am not being an ******* here, I just really thought that this was interesting!


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Oct 5, 2001
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You know what I love?

"It's a(n) ____ on steroids!"

He's said that a couple of times and it just cracks me up...but at least he's not Steve Ballmer.;) :p
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