Apple and Amazon to promote iTMS for Windows?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by billyboy, Jul 11, 2003.

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    A couple of monthss ago I had a gut feeling that the two companies would get it together to promote iTMS for Windows. Why would Amazon need to mix with minority player Apple? All I had to go on was

    Apple use Amazon one click technology.

    Whatever their size, Apple have the mother of all slick misic download systems and their reputation for excellence secured them the Big Five connection.

    Amazon, masters of internet marketing are high profile, are a massive and increasingly trusted online retailer, and currently sell cartloads of product which Apple iTMS will be able to offer in direct competition.

    Apple have relatively no marketing expertise for music and it would cost a fortune to set themselves up with a network that can convince die hard Windoze market to use a piece of Mac software. Not that they couldnt do it on their own, but time is of the essence to get a foothold in the market. For Apple there is no logistical problem relatively speaking making their music downloads available globally overnight, and if th ecombined brains of Amazon and Apple cant set up an onlin one click shop, then there`s something wrong.

    Amazon selling iTMS under license makes perfect sense to me as the ideal deal to piggy back Apple into the world music distribution market and secure Amazon another feather in its retailing cap.

    That was all unsubstantiated supposition on my part. Today I learnt that Amazon had a deal behind the scenes with AOL. it was announced that AOL will no longer be directing AOL clients seeking music and DVDs to Amazon. Apparently it was a short term deal between Amazon and AOL which has simply expired as expected. AOL have been working on and have just launched their own Music Store operation.

    I dont think Amazon care too much about AOL, because they have the music selling pedigree already, a growing reputation, and a licensing deal for killer iTMS for Windows in the pipeline.

    My 2 cents as to the bright future of a more expansive Apple
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    Apr 9, 2001
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    i know i will buy from a windows iTMS store too or amazon; i trust both companies :)
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    In my head
    I hadn´t seen those rumours. AOL have just stepped out the frame though with their own music store version up and running now, so its now a 50/50 - will Amazon be the partners for Apple?.

    Apart from the kudos of dealing through Amazon, I think any deal with Amazon would be for the provision of add-on features to the "barebones" model that is currently iTMS. I am sure the download-only philosophy is the way ahead for music buying, but Apple cant afford to be too ahead of their time, hence the attractiveness of a partnership/license with Amazon bringing the option of the more conventional cds and artwork to the iTMS customer.

    With Amazon as back-up, at least there would also be the financial oomph to counter the inevitable MS attempts to bludgeon the world with marketing crap. I can just hear it now, Bill gates extolling the virtues of what will surely be nothing more than a half-baked, butt ugly and ad-popping alternative to an ultra slick iTunes Music store. Please let there be justice for the Windows consumer just once in their lives.
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    once iTunes for Windows comes out, the first people will use it out of curiosity or because of a friend or whatever, then they will no doubt like it and spread it on, so it shouldn't be too hard to spread. And if they don't like it, either the product is a crappy port or they have their personal reasons so they shouldn't be wanting to use it anyway so yeah. If it's a decent piece of software, people will jump for it, so a partners not needed too much.

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