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    Aug 10, 2003
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    About to take the plunge "back" into the apple world:D . Am planning on getting a laptop. Wish it was a new 15" AL but am getting tired of waiting....the wife needs it for school. I'd love to get a 17" but a bit too expensive. Hmmmm, have them seen them on Ebay for insanely cheap prices...equivalent to a new 12". Anyone with any experience here please speak up. Anyway, say the news on Best Buy selling Apples. Actually went to their web site where you can order them now. This afternoon went to the local BB here and asked. No they didn't have them yet but expect them next week. Isn't that always the case:mad: . The reason I'm interested in purchasing thru BB is their liberal return policy and hope this applies to "dead pixels". Have seen other stories of vendors that consider a min of 3 dead pixels w/in a certain area or more to be reason for return. I'm hoping that BB will let you return if not satisfied. I also asked about their BB warranty. They said that they would be offering a 3 yr warranty for $249. A bit cheaper than Apple. Sounds good. I did want an upgrade to 60g harddrive and max ram. Don't know if they can do this.
    Question is this: anybody find fault with my logic? Suggestions? Will Apple be updating 12" with rev B after the next expo (18 Aug Paris???). Be nice to get panther or a coupon for it too. Don't fancy another $129 right after buying.

    Your thoughts.

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