Apple appt. tomorrow.. What do I do if they try to void my AppleCare bc upgrades?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by lip5016, Oct 22, 2014.

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    So I'm a bit nervous.. Recently I started experiencing some really weird problems with the display on my Late 2011 MacBook Pro (8,2) .. I have a 3-year AppleCare warranty that I purchased when I got the MacBook Pro, which still provides me coverage for another 6 months or so..

    I've got an appt. at the Apple Store tomorrow, since I've already went through the whole troubleshooting process on the phone with one of the Geniuses.. and did pretty much every troubleshooting step I could find on the internet.. The problem I'm experiencing seems to be VERY common among the 2011 MacBook Pro's.. Here's an article addressing that very issue (widespread GPU failures due to improper soldering):

    It appears that this issue is something that was caused on the manufacturer's end entirely.. There also appears to be a 21,000+ signature petition going on to address this problem to Tim Cook, as well as a 10,000+ post thread on Apple Discussions relating to it..

    As far as the upgrades I did aftermarket:

    -upgraded to 16gb RAM
    -replaced factory harddrive with SSD
    -removed SuperDrive and replaced with OWC Data Doubler + 2nd SSD

    I'm fairly tech-savvy and have been building desktops for over 10 years now.. I know all the proper precautions to take when uncovering the insides of a computer and how to properly install/change out components..

    According to OWC (a trusted Mac resource), there's a law in the US that states that:

    "This consumer protection is owed to the little known Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. Put simply, the act states that a company can’t require you to upgrade with only its own branded parts to retain the warranty. This important act protects your rights as a consumer and allows you to install OWC upgrades with peace of mind confidence.

    However, the warranty doesn’t cover any damage incurred while installing upgrades. That’s why OWC’s free, step-by-step “how-to” DIY videos are extremely easy to follow for even advanced upgrades. See for yourself how easy it is at If, however, after watching our videos, you’re still not comfortable performing one or more upgrades, OWC offers Turnkey Upgrade Programs for many Mac models, or you can opt to hire a professional."

    *Link here*:

    I'm a little bit nervous because I know my rights, I know what I'm doing when it comes to computer hardware maintenance/replacement, and I have a 3-year AppleCare plan that is still valid.. but I have a feeling that they're going to try to get slimy with me and say that my upgrades voided the warranty, or that my negligence caused this problem (which would be BS).. There's also tons of documentation online about people who are experiencing the *EXACT* same problem, with images that match what I'm experiencing, for a huge number of 2011 MacBook Pro users..

    I really, really don't feel like having to open up my machine again and uninstall all of my upgrades (memory RAM, SSD, and Data Doubler + SSD) to make it "appear" that I didn't do anything and that the computer's insides are still "untouched" by me.. Even to this extent, I feel that it would be hard for them not to realize that the original components were removed and replaced by 3rd party components (and then re-replaced again before my visit)..

    I'd really just like to leave everything in there and have them replace the faulty logic board (which seems to be the solution on the internet).. but I'd like to anticipate any potential questions or conflicts or answers that I should have prepared for tomorrow, if they try to weasel their way out of covering this manufacturer defect by saying that my warranty is "voided"..

    Has anyone been in this situation where they had a known, manufacturer's defect problem arise, where still covered under AppleCare protection, but had done 3rd party upgrades to things like the RAM/HDD?

    The nearest Apple Store is 1hr45min away from me! (sucks) so I'd really like to have my game-plan set ahead of time with what kind of reaction I should be getting when I go in there bc of a manufacturer's defect, but then they see that I've done 3rd party upgrades? (which should be okay w/that law in place.. *see OWC link I posted*)

    Can anybody help me out with what to expect or how I should approach everything tomorrow?
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    It's hard to say. I know years ago my father sent his Macbook Pro in under warranty because it needed a new motherboard. He had upgraded the ram and it wasn't an issue. When he got the computer back they had just removed the ram and put it in a separate bag.

    If they have an issue with anything it would be the data doubler. I cant imagine they would have issue with the SSD and certainly not the ram. Did you keep you super drive? When I installed my data doubler I put just put it in the packaging for the data doubler and put it somewhere safe. If if you still have the super drive you could always just swap it back in.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Yes, but I've got the 2 drives set up with a software RAID and don't really feel like risking/compromising anything
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    Feb 20, 2009
    If they say you've voided the warranty by doing the upgrades you have done, you might "appeal to higher authority" -- that is, call Apple yourself. Someone may decide to help you out.

    BUT --
    Probably not the advice you want to hear, but you are running up against "the hidden cost" of doing such upgrades yourself.

    That is -- there is a "price to be paid" by doing such things, and that price is that you may void the warranty.

    It is what it is...
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    From what I heard, it does not void your warranty. However, my local Apple Store will try anything and everything to try getting out of a repair on a laptop for this, that or the other. I always return a machine back to stock before taking it in for service for this reason. I also do it because I don't want them screwing up the upgrades while performing the service.

    My advice is return it back to stock then take it in. If you choose not to return it back to stock and they make a fit, contact AppleCare Admins and Apple Customer Relations (just call 800-APL-CARE and go through the prompt, get to someone and ask for either department. I'd start with customer relations).
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    Jul 11, 2014
    good news! they did the $560 logic board replacement for FREE (well covered under my $300 extended AppleCare warranty lol) and didn't bat ONE EYE at the fact that I had all these upgrades done using 3rd party components, installed by myself (aka-not a certified Apple Store or whatever)..

    components I had installed:

    -2x 8gb RAM = 16gb
    -replaced main HD w/samsung 850 pro 512gb ssd
    -replaced SuperDrive w/same ssd^ + OWC Data Doubler

    super happy!

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