Apple bulls begin to look beyond the iPod

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 11, 2006.

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    " And it's not like Apple will have the media-player market to itself. Its iPod line faces growing competition from smaller rivals like SanDisk Corp.'s Sansa player and, most recently, from the Zune, introduced by Apple's longtime nemesis, Microsoft Corp. plans to spend heavily to market its new player, which it rolled out in November. While the product didn't exactly set the world on fire at the beginning of the key holiday-shopping season -- its sales through lagged well behind those for a half-dozen iPod models and even an iPod adapter -- Microsoft has a history of tenacity and is expected to produce 10 million of the devices next year.
    "We think Microsoft will be Apple's most formidable competitor," said Prudential analyst Tortora, who has a neutral rating on Apple shares. "

    lol - 'NEMESIS'
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    Dec 12, 2006
    Beyond iPod...

    >>"We think Microsoft will be Apple's most formidable competitor,"

    Well, with internet music sales down sharply, I doubt ZUMA will even get out of the gate...
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    yeah, same here. I've never even heard of a ZUMA player!:rolleyes:
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    Our financial health relies on idiots! Apple has to keep meeting the rising expectation bar and that bar is being set by unrealistic, stupid expectations set up by pundits. Today, Apple's stock went down because a VERY anti-Apple "news" source, The Register, presented their incorrect interpretation of iTMS stats: namely, that Apple's iTMS was in some sort of free-fall based on their sources about credit card usage on the iTMS, and dumb investors panicked and down went Apple's stock. Incredible!!! They have accurate credit card usage re: the iTMS!!! I don't think so...
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    Ha. If they have a bias (which they do) they're pro-Apple, pro-Linux/open source, anti-Microsoft (and very very anti-RIAA). Just because someone isn't slavishly devoted to a company doesn't mean they're "anti", you know.

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    My daily morning routine actually consists of kicking myself for not buying Apple stock when I was firmly convicted that it was a good decision last year.

    No matter how stoked I get for the prospects of the company I still see a hugely overpriced stock.

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