Apple burglary thwarted

Doctor Q

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Sep 19, 2002
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Two former Apple Inc. security guards were arrested after they allegedly tried to burglarize a warehouse stocked with new iPhones, computers and other devices, police said.

The men fled after being confronted, and police dogs tracked the men to a nearby creek. They were arrested and booked on suspicion of attempted burglary and conspiracy, Trim said.

Both men worked for a contractor that provides security services to Apple, and both had been fired in recent months - Aguilar for theft and Mejia for poor performance, Trim said.
Their attempted theft was another example of their poor performance!

IJ Reilly

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Jul 16, 2002
Many years ago Apple ran a TV ad that featured a couple of burglars breaking into an office, passing up the PCs and stealing the Macs. Anybody else remember that one?


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Jun 7, 2007
and police dogs tracked the men to a nearby creek
Maybe if they had waded through the creek for a while they could have thrown off the dogs following their scent. It always works in the movies.