Apple can capitalize on growing trend of TV viewing alternat...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Apple TV, iTunes, Movies etc...

    I'm not sure how the rest of the world feels but wouldn't it be nice to have one monthly charge (if you are a movie fanatic) and you would have unlimited access to thousands of titles (not hundreds apple), and you wouldn't have to cloud your hd or Apple TV with movies you hardly ever watch. The simple fact of the matter is that at some point people will realize that hoarding all your favorite DVDs takes up too much space and will eventually die off like the CD industry now. The first company that comes up with a solution to have everything at your fingertips, wherever, whenever you want it will prevail. But I'm not talking only about Apple's current video (the quality kind of sucks), rather that if there were one source to get all your favorite movies and play them at any time, they would have to be HD or you would have to have a choice depending on your TV quality or connection. Maybe we are still years away from this because broadband hasn't gotten that far yet, well at least affordable options for consumers. It's nice to dream though...Thoughts on this?
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    "Apple can capitalize on growing trend of TV viewing alternatives"

    yes they could, if they we're a lil smarter and really thought different. here's your problem: i can google just about any show and watch it online sans commercials. with a lil searching i can also find those shows in high quality and plug my laptop into my tv... so tell me steve, nbc, and rest of the studios, why am i gonna pay you? especially since you already make your money by whoring every product/service/your own news and shows (fox), for 20 minutes out of every hour.
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    Apple can capitalize on growing trend of TV viewing alternative...

    Yes you can certainly view many TV shows by simply searching for them, but streaming quality is rather low and for good reason: if i want to watch it and dl it at the same time it's going to be a much smaller file which means the quality will be lacking. Maybe it's just a matter of working with broadband and streaming video until it's perfected. I think apple has great potential here considering their servers are already setup for high amounts of data transfer. Apple TV for that matter, may have been before its time but think about this (and I know I'm reiterating myself), if I take 100 of my favorite movies at the highest quality HD, that's going to be approximately 2 gigs or more (depending on compression), that means larger hard drives, and movies at 10 bucks a pop. Wow, that just doesn't seem worth it to anybody. Give me a database of every movie, every TV show ever made whenever I want to watch them for an affordable monthly charge and I'm set. Again, years away...
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    I used to be at the mercy of Standard TV for shows like Star Trek, Sci Fi channel for B5, Farscape, Stargate and Lexx. Now I have the season sets. I rip them to my Mac and watch them anytime I want. I think DVDs are the best invention of the last decade. I hated VHS. I love my computer. I'm the type of person who can watch Sci-Fi shows over and over again. The current stash of TV I can wait until they are out on DVD. The speed they come out is directly based on how much money they need to finance the new season. I don't think Apple makes much on TV downloads, its just something to put on an ipod and the main use of an ipod is a place to keep your music collection in order without having to bother with a CD.

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