Apple can let anyone in to any iPhone using Siri, right?

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    I didn't read anything regarding the potential security issues of this, but...

    Remember the Twitter exploit of 9.3.1 that let anyone see photos/contacts using Siri? It was fixed, but fixed server side. So that means Apple can pretty much have Siri do anything iOS supports - server side.

    I'm a little surprised that I haven't come across anyone complaining about the obvious ramifications of in terms of what Apple can get access to if it needs to..
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    it this does work. I blame Apple for this all the way...

    I wouldn't have allowed this....

    First, i would have fixed the original one that *did* get fixed by Apple, then I would see if any other ways I may not want easy access to with 3D Touch.

    Apple doesn't do that, they only fix the main problem, not any others which *they just assume we don't know about* which is why these more of these "access allowed" things crop up..

    You can also blame that while it's designed to protect the user (lock screen that is), it's also allowing access to certain apps while keeping phone protected (camera app, contacts app etc)

    All i know is, i'd do exactly that..... It's fine testing the *only way Apple knows to get in* or what most users would do, but its completely different to what SIri allows you to do (in this case *double talk)

    ok,, not really something most would do, but is that a reason not to test it from Apple's point of view?

    It still unlocking. which is the whole idea in the first place.

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