Apple Card and bpMe App


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Sep 24, 2014
App works fine with my Fifth Third MSC used within the App.

But, when I try my AC it is declined within the App. GS says they are not declining it and see the pre-authorizations which they say are 100.00. It says 1.00 on my AC transactions in Wallet. Never showed 100.00. BP says they are not declining it.

I think the problem is in the pre-authorizations. Sometimes at Krogers the AC takes a while to pre-authorize at the pump. Also, see a 1.00 pre-authorization at Krogers which quickly drops off.

Has anyone tried the AC with the bpMe App?

Any ideas on resolving this. I really want the App to work.



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Aug 15, 2019
New York
I have the same problem and haven’t had a resolution yet. But recently I’ve tried again and now in the wallet app they ask if it’s an approved transaction and I clicked whichever button was basically “yes” and still declines through the app, but the pump was ready to go so I just got out and started fueling. The transaction went through on my Apple Card but the app still gives me the hassle and message saying it’s declined. So annoying.
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