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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by freelancer310, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Long story short:
    Was finally able to get an iPhone 5s but it had the gyroscope problem. I stupidly took it in to the GB and they replaced it and it still wasn't fixed. When I tried to return the phone, they informed me that I couldn't return it because it had been replaced once under applecare. Aside from the fact that I think that is bull... my question is: Down the road, once Apple fixes the gyroscope problem, can I just pay the $50 or $80 bucks to under Applecare and get a new phone? Would the new phone be a ****** "replacement" unit or would it be a new retail unit?
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    If they exchanged your phone due to gyroscope sensor related issues, it would have nothing to do with accidental damage, so it would be covered by regular Apple warranty. There is no limit to the number of this kind of exchanges, as long as Apple recognises the issues to be factory defects.
    The two replacements you get for a fee of $79 with AppleCare+ cover accidental damage, such as dents, scuffs, water damage and others.

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