Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Been hanging out with record label execs a bit much, Steve™?
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    maybe this is his way of keeping prices at $.99 ... if so, that's fine by me.
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    All smoke, no fire, it seems to me. No story.

    The article SEEMS to be talking ONLY about podcast CREATORS (not Apple) choosing to use ads as their album/chapter art, which can be HIDDEN. All this is already in iTunes, and is old news.

    If anything more than that IS coming (who knows?) the article doesn't clearly say so. There is no actual evidence in there of any changes to iTunes--it sounds more like the writer never heard of podcast chapter art before.

    Besides, I'd rather have an ad in the album art than in the audio, and I'd rather have either than have to pay for the podcast... and all THREE are better than the podcast creator shutting down because there's no compensation at all. If the podcast is good enough to get an audience, I have no problem with the creator wishing to be compensated in any way they choose. I can always choose not to listen.

    Discussed at MR here:

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