Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak To Acquire Australian Citizenship

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    Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak To Acquire Australian Citizenship

    Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of technology giant Apple, is on the path toward Australian citizenship. Over the weekend, he moved one step closer to becoming Aussie by becoming a permanent resident, which was granted to him because he is a distinguished person.

    Not exactly "new" news, as this has been talked about for 2 - 3 years. But, not news that is widely known.
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    totally cool
    I don't blame him, lots of cute babes over there!

    isn't that a non sequitur?
  3. turtle777 macrumors 6502a

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    Let's see if he'd give up his US citizenship. Pretty onerous with that 50% exit tax.

    US citizens - IRS slaves forever.

  4. citizenzen macrumors 65816

    Mar 22, 2010
    Article doesn't say whether he'll renounce his American citizenship or maintain dual citizenship.
  5. fraslo macrumors newbie

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    The only reason for him to moving there is so that he will be able to buy new Apple products a few hours earlier then in US;)
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    The US doesn't let you renounce citizenship to escape taxes. They will simply say no and you are required to pay your tax in both countries. Choose not to pay back in the US and you are now a tax evader - subject to arrest and even extradition if the country you ran away to has such a treaty with the US.

    Hope Woz is not trying to hide from his current confiscatory tax rates.

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