Apple developed, but did not ship Apple PDA

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Quite a lot of interesting tidbits in that article. A confirmation of iTMS Europe on 15/6 :)
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    Jul 11, 2003
    I agree, PDA's are being eaten by phones, which will also eat the iPod once they sprout small hardrives to hold all those mp3s/images from the camera, which is apparently on the cards for next year.

    Why carry more than one device? Joe Sixpack HAS to carry a phone, he doesn't have to carry a mp3 Player. Phones can connect to the web wirelessly, and everything else in media and data flows from that. So the phone WILL become the universal device, whether Steve likes it or not. Only it won't just be a phone anymore.

    The main thing is that it HAS to at least be a phone, whatever else it can do. And thats why the iPod is vulnerable just like PDA's were.

    Still, I hope and believe its called an iPod and not an iPlayer because it is eventually intended to become a generic portable digital device, and hopefully we will see some of this emerging in the next revision, maybe just as a high end device, taking advantage of "home on iPod".

    Apple needs to recognise this trend for what it is, and some future version of the"iPod" needs to be a genuine portable communication/media device.

    The Tech is probably not there yet for an elegant solution, I think that is why Apple are still waiting on this. Apple is well placed to provide the most elegant interface and form factor solutions in this difficult market where design flair actually MATTERS, once all the price point's and tech line up..

    Sony have just given away selling the Clie in the US, which is a tacit admission that they do not have the overall "package" sorted, as can also be seen by their weak "Connect" music service effort. Sony does nice tech but has no interface/software flair. Clie ran on Palm OS, which they didn't control and couldn't truly integrate with the physical device.

    Whatever comes from Apple will have to be better than this, but if it is and if it comes at the right time it has every chance to dominate the market.
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    May 4, 2002
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    Man I wish Apple would have made their Treo just broke and I refuse to give PalmOne another penny. Maybe they are waiting for a tablet...or iPod variation... We can always hope. ;)
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    Apple created no PDA

    From the AppleInsider article, it seems they misinterpreted it. Since there's no direct quote from Steve Jobs, I have to rely on their paraphrasing, but it simply sounds like Steve Jobs was saying that he's proud of Apple for not trying to get into the PDA market at all -- i.e.: not creating OR shipping one. There's no confirmation whatsoever that one was created, and it would be kind of bizarre for Apple to invest money in developing a PDA all the while adamantly denying it, and then not shipping it at all.

    People like to jump to conclusions that Apple has built a PDA besides the Newton. This article provides no new evidence that contradicts that fact.
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    I tried warming to the idea of the Apple PDA, but I still couldn't get my head round the idea far enough.

    So at least Mr Jobs has put my mind at rest. One handheld device is just enough for me, for now.....
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    Jan 31, 2002
    Now all my hope lies on a price point of 0.99*€ per song. Other download services offer the same price.
    More expensive than that would eventually ruin everything :(
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